Where is Nigeria?

Nigeria is a county in Africa, located on the Gulf of Guinea. It is a great tourist attraction due to its long stretches of exotic beaches, lush mountains, natural landmarks, wildlife reserves, and National Parks. The most notable national parks, cross river national park and Yankari National Park are famous for having waterfalls, dense rainforest, savanna, and rare primate habitats that attract tourists from all around the world. 

How To Visit Nigeria In A Budget?

Are you thinking of traveling to Nigeria on a budget? Depending on how you plan to go, visiting Nigerian can be expensive or moderately affordable. Nigeria is an economical country when it comes to travel costs, and travelers should spend $25 per day. To help you get you started, we have put together a helpful checklist to make sure you have got everything for a low budget trip.

Do Proper Planning:

Traveling is a fantastic adventure, and it does not have to break the bank. If you’re thinking of traveling on a budget to Nigeria, you should come up with a plan. Only early planning will ensure that you have an unforgettable trip, and you can easily estimate how much you’ll be spending during your trip. To get started on your dream trip, you need to do proper planning. You should consider several essential factors which include:

  1. How to get cheap flights to Nigeria?
  2. How long do you want to stay in Nigeria?
  3. What do you require to do to get ready?
  4. Where to reside during your tour?
  5. How do you move cheap from one place to another while in Nigeria?
  6. What are some affordable attractions to visit in Nigeria?

Pack Wisely For Your Visit

Don’t pack too much luggage as travelers will have to pay extra for carrying a bunch of heavy bags. Make sure you pack every essential thing that you need so that you don’t have to shop during your visit. If you are visiting Nigeria or any other country, take a waterproof jacket for unpredictable weather incidents. If you’re planning a weekend trip, try to pack light, and carrying only hand luggage saves you a bit of money on hold luggage.

Cheap Flights to Nigeria

Plane tickets can be one of the most significant expenses of the trip; therefore, it will be better to book the cheapest flights possible. Be flexible on dates because the most affordable time for vacation in Nigeria is usually early October. There are many flight options that you can consider for cheap flights to Nigeria, and most international airlines offer cheap flights to Port Harcourt. You can book cheap flights and can get cheap flight tickets from notable travel agencies such as Est Int’l Travel. Always book flights for Nigeria many months before your departure as you get closer to your departure date, the more the prices increase, notably in the last month.


No matter where you are traveling, accomodation in one of the fixed expenses during your trip, and no one wants to pay a fortune for it. In Nigeria, hotels are less expensive than vacation rentals. Choices for staying in Nigerian include some cheap hotels and AirBnB options. The cost of staying in Nigeria is much lower because the hotels are less expensive, and the price is not necessarily a determinant of quality or service. You can easily find affordable accommodation and make a reservation online at cheap rates.  If anyone of your friends or relatives lives in Nigeria, you can save a lot by residing in their house.


A significant expenditure while traveling is transportation, which usually consumes a lot of money. Moving around in Nigeria can be quite expensive, but there are different means of transportation in most of the major cities in Nigeria. If you want to want to save money on transportation, then instead of going by car, consider taking a bus or train. The best option is to move by public bus or metro that is more comfortable than expensive taxis. 

If you love Nigeria but have a low budget, then the guide, as mentioned above, can help you travel to your favorite destination in your budget. We at Est Int’l Travel offer special fares to Abuja so that you can enjoy the adventures of Abuja in your budget.

Come today and get into the details of what a trip to Nigeria costs and which is the best timing” to visit each place!! 

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