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Freetown is the largest city and the capital of Sierra Leone. There are many things to do and see while visiting Freetown like the National Railway Museum, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Charlotte Falls, St. George’s Cathedral, Lumley Beach, historic Bunce Island, the Sierra Leone National Museum, and the Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse. Visit Freetown for its beautiful cotton trees which are one of the most beautiful sights you will see when it’s fully bloomed.

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Freetown first settled in the 18th century by freed slaves from America, Great Britain, and Nova Scotia. It is a thriving cultural capital on the Atlantic coast of Sierra Leone. Standing in the center of downtown is a symbol of freedom said to have been standing since the first arrival of the free settlers. Other places in town are also attractive which include beaches and nightclubs, as well as housing the Ruiter Stone, the Museum, and the original drum of Bai Bureh. To visit this amazing place book your air tickets from Reputed Travel Agency in Houston.

The scars of Sierra Leone’s civil wars had just healed when the Ebola outbreaks knocked the country in 2014-15. Tourism can play an important role in helping its recovery, so join the island-hoppers and adventurers, camp in little-visited rainforests, and crack open fresh lobster in the shade of skinny palms and rope-strung hammocks at affordable price. The good news is that you can book the cheap airline tickets to Freetown from Est int’l travel.

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