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Africa's busiest port, Dar Es Salaam is Tanzania's largest city and commercial center. Dar Es Salaam means "haven of peace" in Arabic and was more fitting for Dar's former status as a sleepy fishing village than the now bustling city of more than four million people. Though the city is short on typical tourist attractions, it is loved among travelers for its seaside setting and eclectic vibe thanks to its mix of African, Arabic, and Indian cultures.

Tanzania’s main port is found at Dar Es Salaam, straddling some of the most important sea routes in the world. On the northern areas of the harbor is Kivukoni Front, with a bustling fish market, where dhows sail in every morning at dawn to offload the night’s catch. The architecture of the city is a beauty of Swahili, German, Asian, and British influences. German colonists organized Dar by arranging a grid pattern of streets fanning out around the port. The Lutheran Church and St. Joseph Cathedral are notable places on the waterfront. The city has a worthwhile museum. If you are a beach lover then enjoy the peace and beauty of Mbudya or Bongoyo Island.

Discounted fares to Dar Es Salam make your travel easier than ever. It’s a multicultural city. It offers many notable attractions for visitors, particularly those interested in experiencing a variety of cuisines. Dar Es Salaam also offers a very vibrant music scene with Bongo Flava, a new form of hip hop, on the rise. The principal airport serving Tanzania, the Julius Nyerere International Airport, is located in Dar Es Salaam.

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