Cheap Airline Tickets to Accra Ghana

Plan your trip with special fares to Accra and make your vacation one remember forever! Accra’s museums, beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, markets, and other attractions make the city one of the most popular African travel destinations. Accra is a modern city, yet it is noted for traditional African crafts. Accra’s beautiful miniature coffins, hand-crafted by artisans using ancient techniques, make great souvenirs to take home. The Arts Centre has a lot to offer to art lovers, including unique hand-crafted African products.

Attractions of Accra

Nima is home to immigrants who have come to Accra from northern Ghana and several other neighboring countries. Among other places to visit in Accra are Bojo Beach and Labadi Beach.

City Life of Accra

The vitality and enterprising nature that characterizes Accra is, in fact, the best thing about the city. Youthful Ghanaians call it ‘vim,’ and it turns up in the some of the most intriguing spots.

How to Reach Accra?

Kotoka International Airport provides easy access by air to the city of Accra, and several carriers that offer the cheapest tickets to Africa. Among some of the known airlines, the Est Int’l Travel books clients on direct flights to Accra on major airlines at discounted prices.