Cheap Airline Tickets to Asmara Eritrea

Asmara is the largest and most populous city of Eritrea, with a current metro area population of 963,000 as of 2020 census. Asmara is famous for its classic Italian colonial architecture, 20th-century buildings, spectacular art deco, wide streets, restaurants, piazzas (town squares), bars, cafes, and street-front coffee shops. People of Asmara are very friendly towards tourists or foreigners living in Asmara. Finding cheap airline tickets to Asmara, Eritrea is very hard, but we at Est Int’l travel offer discounted fares to Asmara so that you can travel in your budget!

Asmara Tourism Attractions

Asmara, also referred to as Asmera, the sixth highest capital in the world by altitude and lies at an elevation of 2,325 meters (7,628 ft), presenting it as a great tourist attraction. This religiously diverse city of Africa offers splendid scenery, making it one of the most beautiful places in Africa. Below is the list of top tourist attractions in the city that you should explore whenever you visit Asmara;

  • National Museum Asmara
  • Great Mosque
  • Simbel Archaeological Site
  • Synagogue of Asmara
  • Kohaito Archaeological Site
  • Denkalya Desert
  • Asmara Central Market
  • Former Imperial Palace
  • Former Banca d’Italia
  • Greek Orthodox Church
  • Catholic Cathedral
  • Odeon Cinema

Asmara Climate

As Asmara lies at 2,325-metre (7,628 ft) above the sea level, so it has three seasons; rainy, wet seasons and dry seasons. In Asmara, the summer seasons are warm and dry, while the winter season is short, cool, wet, and windy. Over the year, the longest rainy season extends from June until September, and the shortest rainy season occurs from March until April. The temperature normally ranges from 48°F to 77°F throughout the year. The best weather for tourists to visit Asmara starts from late January to late May and mid-October to late November to enjoy the warm weather activities.

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