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The capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is situated right at its center. Abuja was built-in 1980s and authoritatively turned into Nigeria's capital on December 12,1991,earlier Lagos was the capital, which is also viewed as its business capital and the most crowded city.

Abuja Tourism

The identity of Abuja’s is prominently characterized by Aso Rock, which is a 400-meter tall stone monument left by water-disintegration. Abuja is also known for being the best structured and planned city in entire Africa and is also one of the wealthiest and costly city as well. The National Children’s Park and Zoo is situated in Asokoro District behind the Presidential Villa in Abuja. It sits located right below the Aso Rock. The park offers al lot to the wildlife lovers in terms of the wildlife and flora and fauna. Among some of the special attractions the camels, wild felines, giraffes, monkeys, elephants, tortoises, crocodiles, zebras, and ostriches are also located in the park. Abuja attracts the visitors for several other attractions such as the Abuja Arts and Craft Village, National Arboretum Abuja, Pedam Lake The National Mosque, Eagle Square, Giri Pottery Centre, The Velodrome, Arts & Crafts village (across the road from Sheraton Hotel), LadiKwali Pottery Centre, Ushafa Pottery Centre, IBB Golf and Club and many more.

How to Reach Abuja?

The NnamdiAzikiwe International Airport is the airport located at Abuja which connects the city to several other destinations across the world.