How Expensive Will Be the Flights Travel after Coved-19?

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our entire world at large. Outside of healthcare where heroes dressed in white gowns are battling on the front lines few industries have been hit badly like travel. The million-dollar question is when will travel recover? The short answer is that nobody knows for sure. Travel will recover in stages and freedom to travel will vary from not only country-by-county but in the region also. There are multiple factors will influence travel such as, social distancing on planes which is economically viable for carriers, the reliability of antibody tests, and if immunity is lasting, and many others. Traveling will not be the same anymore. Higher fares of travel, fewer routes, pre-flight health checkups, and less free food: The coronavirus pandemic is ushering in a new era of air travel.

We’re seeing already that the factors influencing this pandemic are numerous. Strictness and timing of lockdown measures, the robustness of healthcare systems, the weather, luck, and other factors are all at work. Some countries and regions will recover first and soon we will see corridors of recovery open back up one by one. 

As many countries start to relax their Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, many are asking whether travel and border restrictions will be loosened in time for the summer holidays. There is an active debate continuing within the industry about whether spacing out passengers, as has been done on public transport, would work in air travel. Some airlines have floated the idea and most are already keeping middle seats empty on the few flights that are operating. But it will affect the cost and maybe become the reason for the high fares of air tickets. Health experts have pointed out that keeping empty a middle seat, which is just 45cm (18 inches) wide, would not respect the recommended social distancing of at least two meters (six feet). Because of the way airplanes are set up, respecting this rule would mean each passenger would need roughly seven seats which is not possible.

Around the world, airports, and airlines are considering temporary precautionary measures to restart air travel. So at that point what will be the next step that airline companies going to take. Temperature screening and face masks will become common sights at airports to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus but physical distancing could make flying more expensive if airlines restricted to sell fewer tickets to keep some seats empty. This means there will be a huge opportunity to travel that last only a week or even days. Even airlines also desperate to get airborne again, seats will be limited and we could see dramatic increases in fares.

Even though it is not clear when global travel will recover from the coronavirus pandemic. But it has shattered demand and partially depends on countries lifting their lockdowns according to the orders issued by the government. Regaining public confidence in the safety of air travel is also a major task for the aviation industry. It’s like a significant challenge. Countries that have the spread of the virus under control and agree to reopen their borders to each other are likely to face an increase in air travel demand over the near term.

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Society won’t like you when you are sick. So, maintain social distance and enjoy your journey under precautionary guidelines provided by the government.

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