Discounted Fares to Asmara

If there is any interesting place in Africa you want to visit this year it should be Asmara.One can take advantage of our discounted flight to Africa and visit in low season which will be here soon.

One of the most interesting place in Africa is Asmara which is the capital of Eritrea. Not many people are aware that Asmara is also called Little Rome!!!

Because Asmara was populated by a large community mostly of Italians the city automatically acquired an Italian architectural look. The city of Asmara had a population of 98,000, of which 53,000 were Italian according to the Italian census of 1939. This fact made Asmara the main “Italian town” of all the Italians  Africa. In all of Eritrea the population of Italians was only 75,000 in total in that year, making Asmara by far their largest centre. In the beginning the Italian majority  Asmara enjoyed a huge development in the 1930s, not only economically but even socially and culturally: Because of the Italians Opera was introduced and became very famous and the Italians even created their own  theater and named it The Asmara Opera  and another thing which was introduce and became very famous in Asmara was the car race or Circuito Asmara.

Before the world war the country economy was thriving but like in any case the war brought everything down even the economy of Asmara! But the recent years have seen a bounce back and more and more people are visiting Asmara or Little Rome.

Due to its historical significant people around the world visit Asmara and at EST INT,L we always have discounted fare to Asmara. Recently Asmara has been listed as world heritage site by UNESCO!

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