Cheap Flight Tickets to Nairobi

Flying to Kenya isn’t cheap, and if you want to head over to Nairobi – one of the most glamorous, travel-worthy cities in Kenya – you’ll have to manage your money very wisely. Thankfully, you’ve got Est Int’l Travel to help you stay with your budget!

Some Background Information

So, a bit of background information on Kenya? Well, there are 37 airports and the 5 biggest are: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Moi Airport, Kisumu Airport, Malinidi Airport, and Wair Airport. The most popular airlines that fly to Kenya (from the United States) include Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Air France.

Kenya is a popular tourist attraction for the safari surroundings and beach resorts. But, of coures traveling to a great safari destination and looking for resorts isn’t cheap. However, thankfully, we’ve got a handy tips and advice for you to consider before you book a flight to Nairobi, Kenya.

Tips to Find the Cheapest Flights

First Tip: Book separate flights. When you’re traveling from the United States, you’ll travel to Europe and then to Kenya. Oftentimes, it’s cheaper to fly this way. You can also travel to Canada to save some money.

Another tip is to search for packaged flights. For instance, many companies offer holiday packages to fly to Kenya. Sometimes, the entire package can be a lot cheaper than separate flights. You can find a few ways to adjust this in your budget. For example, you can fly to Mombasa – the Moi International Airport instead of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (which will take you directly to Nairobi). Of course, since your destination will be Nairobi – you can change planes once you get in Mombasa. There are cheap night trains and buses that travel between Mombasa and Nairobi.

An additional tip is to examine Flying Blue. Kenya Airways and KLM offer daily flights from many countries to Kenya, and they are now a part of the Flying Blue network with Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Air France, Delta Airlines, Korean Air, and a few others. Flying with either of these airlines will earn you ‘Flying Blue points,’ so you can use them for upgrades, additional tickets, and other free advantage.

Also, make sure you fly at a good time during the year. Around the holidays and the summertime, for instance December and July, an innumerable amount of people will be trying to get holiday vacations and summer destinations. These are the perfect crowded-tourism seasons around the world and in Kenya. The rule about flying on merely any typical day will work for Nairobi, too.

In addition, if you want to fly cheap to Nairobi – travel across the world. Literally. Your travel will be a lot cheaper if you have a line of flights ready to go. Several airline alliances have this option – and you’ll simply pay one price for all the flights. Some of the alliance options are based on mileage, and others on the number of flights. Choose wisely!

Also, make sure you do research early. Finding Cheap Flight Tickets to Nairobi

and airlines a few months in advance is not too early. In fact, you should be looking at how you’ll travel about 4 to 6 months before you designated flight time. Booking early is another way you can fly inexpensive to Nairobi.

Likewise, sometimes people get the best deals when the book a few weeks before. Why? Airline companies may offer special deals to fill up flight. The most important thing is to keep researching and stay updated on these kind of discounts. You should still try to book early – but make sure you keep your eye on special offers.

Cheap vs Effective

Another thing you should examine to fly cheap to Nairobi? Cheap vs effective airlines. What does that mean? Well, many airlines – as you would assume – offer inexpensive but not so great travel.

For instance, the Kenya Airlines got its fair share of bad reviews. On review websites, many people complained about the airline’s safety procedures, scheduling, and poor service. So, is it worth it to try cheap? Well, actually it is – not all cheap airlines are bad. Take a look at these cheap flight tickets to Nairobi, Kenya that are pretty good options.

The Best Cheap Flight Tickets

London, United Kingdom to Nairobi on British Airways is $464. Of course, that international travel will cost a bit more if you’re going from the United States. Find a cheap flight to get to London.

Atlanta, Georgia to Nairobi, Kenya with KLM Airlines – with one stop – is about $1,000.

*Cheap and effectiveAirlines to look for: KLM Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways (most expensive on this list, considering international travel from U.S. to London)

Once You Get There

Now, saving your money doesn’t stop once you reach your destination. As we mentioned before, Kenya is known for its beach resorts – and those spots can be a bit pricey. Thankfully, with these few additional tips – you can still enjoy the beachfront and safari destination.

  1. Do your research. With sites like trivago and, we were able to find some pretty good deals:

Khweza Bed and Breakfast (Hotel): This hotel got a decent 3.6 out of 5 stars among previous customers. At $25 per night, for one adult, this isn’t a bad deal!

Sentrim Boulevard (Hotel): Also, a 3.6 out of 5 stars – this is a great option for “comfort and cleanliness” in Nairobi ( Prices are $55 per night for one adult.

Covenant Guest House: It’s exactly what it says it is – a guest house. This is perfect for a family who wants to feel right at home. Prices start at $38 per night for one adult.

  1. Be a do-it-yourself kind of person

If you cook, you save money over a restaurant. If you knit, you save money over shopping. If you…well, you get the idea. With hostels, which is another lodging option, you usually get your own kitchen, lounging area and other things. Of course, you do have to share with other people (unless you have your family). Instead of paying for hotel food or restaurant, you could cook your own meals by paying for a few nights at a hostel.

  1. Ask Around

The people that know the most about Nairobi, Kenya is probably the people that live there. Ask a few residents if they know the best cheapest restaurants or destinations for a traveler like you to enjoy.

Enjoy your trip to Nairobi, Kenya! And remember – Est Int’l Travel can help you along the way.

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