Things You Should Know About Dar us Salam

Dar-us-Salaam is focused on sharing the message of Islam through different genuine activities, by building up a model of Islamic people and by sticking to the lessons of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Such living, alterable and lively Islamic people group are welcomed to Islam, with the help and authorization of Allah. The name originates from Allah straight forward in the Quran “Dar-us-Salaam”, which means the House of Peace.

Dar-us-Salaam was established in the soul of this uncovered verse. Dar-us-Salaam means a place to which we can welcome Muslims and non-Muslims alike to the peace, and a group guided by the blessings from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the last Messenger Muhammad (may Allah’s peacefulness and favors be upon him). The pre-Islamic history of Dar-us-Salaam is misty. It was retitled “Brunei” in the fourteenth century, In the nation’s full name, Negara Brunei Darussalam, signifies “home peace”, while Negara signifies “nation” in Malay. In 2014 Brunei turned into the main East Asian nation to receive strict Islamic sharia law. You can visit the place with Discounted Fares to Dar us Salam. These discounted fares are available to all the people who want to avail these benefits. You can also get these facilities whenever you want.


Brunei’s culture has been derived from the Old Malay World. It is a region which secured the Malay Archipelago. In spite of the fact that different outside developments have assumed a part in shaping Brunei’s rich history, the customs of the Old Malay World have left a permanent stamp on the means of life of current Brunei.

Today, Bruneians are the best people living in Malay, however Chinese, Indian and indigenous Bornean people add to the social values of Brunei. Brunei’s mix of societies, traditions, convictions and traditions is fundamentally the same as that of Malaysia. Although the place is completely based on Islamic traditions, yet English is broadly used by the greater part of the population, and most signs in the nation are composed in Roman script.

The country’s Malay Islamic Monarchy is an exceptionally Bruneian mix, joining the best of Malay culture with the lessons of Islam and a common rules and subjects. The overall Muslim culture is introduced in the country and over all the Dar us Salam. All the rules and regulations of Islam has been introduced and implemented in all over the place.  Although, it have majority of the Muslims, but it does not mean that the country only have Muslims in it, but it supports the people who belong to different religions.

Brunei is a land saturated with culture and conventions. Islam lies in the heart of the culture and everyone living there know the values. In any case, regardless of the way that Brunei remains a faithful Muslim nation, despite everything it keeps up a deferential resilience towards different religions and convictions.


The overall citizenship of the country or the place has been highlighted and implemented with the rules and regulations of its culture, the traditions and the values. In the meantime, they also supported the people belonging to different regions of the world. The people over there helps each other and improve the level of citizenship.

Social activities

Numerous social and cultural activities in Dar us Salam enclose the people living in one place. In addition to that the places like Indonesia and Malaysia, despite the fact that they are ethnically related, but they share the Muslim religion. The people living in the place are socially very active and fulfill the needs and the requirements of others. Most of the people in the place focus on the Islamic activities and be the part of these activities.

Business Environment

English is generally utilized as a business and working dialect. In most of the industries and the offices, English is the language that is used either in the documents or in the presentations. It is likewise the dialect of guideline in optional and tertiary training. Different languages are used in Dar us Salam and it is highlighted by the Indian, Native and Chinese, dialects talked by the minority ethnic gatherings.

Most Bruneians are Muslims and accordingly their lives rotate around the obligations stood to them by Islam. Liquor is prohibited from the nation however pork is took into account non-Muslims. Sexual orientation relations are likewise administered by Islamic standards and manners. Shaking hands crosswise over sexes is uncommon. Bruneians hone an ardent however tolerant brand of Islam, which incorporates commitment, yet permits different religions and convictions. Muslims must offer their prayers five times each day – at day break, twelve, evening, dusk, and night. Friday is the Muslim heavenly day. Many organizations and in addition government workplaces close on Sunday and Saturday evening.

Aimed the fasting month of Ramadan, government staff works a six-hour day and diversion and other exercises are suspended. They empower the presentation of the Quran every morning preceding the beginning of work to acquire Allah’s favoring and direction.

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The education system in Dar us Salam

Just like the other places, the education in Dar us Salam is also promotes. They have the pre-school education, the primary education, the secondary education, the higher education and the graduated level of education. In the case of education, the Government plays a wide role. They don’t only support the people, but also provide free sources to education to the people to support their education career. The Ministry of Education is there to promote the education and maintain its standard in the Government and private institutes.

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