Some Interesting Facts About Dakar

Dakar, the capital of Senegal is also known as “Paris of Africa”. It is one of the major seaports on the western African shore. It is the largest city of Senegal. Dakar’s harbour is also known as the best harbour in Western Africa. This is because, it is protected by a system of breakwaters. This city is also known as the major centre of peanuts trade in the country. There are plenty of amazing things about this city. But, here we will highlight some interesting facts about Dakar.

If you want to visit this city, you can get discounted fares to Dakar as well. It is a great place for travelers as it holds a lot of surprises for them. Now, the city has undergone much development and urban expansion. Dakar is known for its great museums. It is a major administrative centre as well. There are a few very popular sites in this city. The grand Mosque of Dakar has its own exquisite beauty. Now, we will highlight some interesting facts about Dakar.

The enormous African Renaissance Monument:

African Renaissance Monument in Dakar is approximately 160 feet tall and higher than the statue of liberty. It is the highest monument in Africa. It is present on the top of a hill. The city in which African Renaissance Monument is present has no other monument. These facts made this monument a great place to visit. If you want to get some fantastic cold breezes, you have to climb on the top of the hill. People visit this place to take some amazing pictures as this is picturesque and scenic.

Products are not cheap in Dakar:

If you want to spend your time in Dakar, then you have to spend a lot of money. Things in Dakar are not cheap. If we compare prices of products from United States and Europe, you will find Dakar more expensive. This is not a common thing in a third world country. The food in restaurants is also available in high prices and grocery stores are charging a lot from the locals of Dakar. Dakar has a very big oil refinery industry. They are producing high quality vegetable oil. Peanut oil refinery is also present in Dakar.

Dakar has some amazing restaurants as well. Good food awaits for everyone in this city. Local dishes of Dakar are very popular. There is a scheduled garden place in Dakar where you can enjoy cocktails and talk to different people who are in their traditional finery.

Roaming animals of Dakar:

As Dakar is the capital of Senegal so it is considered as a modern and an upscale city. The city is developed and many expansions are done because of its importance in trade. But, you will find it very interesting that animals roam on the streets of Dakar. It is a developed city but that does not make it completely modern and westernized. This is the most interesting thing in Dakar. You will find groups of goats wandering on the busiest streets of Dakar. If you are new in Dakar, then this is going to be a very interest grabbing sight for you. In addition to that, it is very common to see a horse cart on the main roads of the city.

Fitness in Dakar:

People of Dakar are very conscious about their fitness. Males of Dakar city could be perfectly described as Athletics. Most of them are very slim, big and muscular.  People of Dakar are a great inspiration for all of us. This is a great reminder for us that fitness is important for all of us. They have a great love for sports as well. Even when the humidity is on its peak, you will find them in big groups on the roads. People of Dakar are great football lovers. It is very interesting to see African style cheerleaders along with paints on all over their body. It is not difficult to enjoy these things whether you are interested in football or not.

The Dakar Rally:

It is a great event which is held in the city of Dakar. This is a rally which lasts for several days. If you want to participate in this rally, you have to complete 9, 300 km. Hundreds of people participate in this exciting event. Winning Dakar rally is not a piece of cake. This rally raid is organised annually in Dakar. Trucks also participate in this rally which makes it more interesting for people. You have to make a lot of sacrifices if you want to win this race. It is considered as one of the most popular and difficult races in Africa. Millions of people watch this event in person.

Markets of Dakar:

In the markets of Dakar, you will find everything you need. It is very exciting to visit these markets. You will find fish traders, vegetable and fruit dealers and butchers in the same market. You will find different types of fishes in these markets. People of these markets are very welcoming for their customers. There is a very interesting trend in the markets of Dakar. The stalls which are present outside the markets are much fussier. In addition to that, the sellers of these stalls are pushy as well. There are many districts in Dakar. A few of them looks like a flea market as a whole. Most of the things are available in fixed prices. But, you can always bargain in shops of these markets.

Music of Dakar:

It is said that music is the fabric of every city. All streets of Dakar have their own style and taste of music. If you want to do some dance, you can go to the bars of Dakar. This is a good way to meet new people and make some new friends. There is a great trend of outdoor sitting in this city. You will often find people listening to music with chairs and tables arranged under canvas canopies in Dakar.

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