All About Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest city of South Africa. There are many interesting factors about this city. It is liveable as well as a sustainable city for all those people who are living in it. It covers more than 2, 000 km and it is a home to more than 4. 4 million people. It is known as the most populous city of South Africa. Due to the strong economy, this city is a great destination for job seekers. Here, we will highlight everything about Johannesburg. This city is full of excitement and entertainment.

The Apartheid Museum:

This is a very interesting museum. The unique thing about this museum is the stories which are portrayed graphically with the help of newspapers, photos, film footage as well as through artifacts. This is the best way to learn about the history of South Africa. You have to give at least 2 hours to visit this museum completely. It is a sign of hope for the people of South Africa. This is because it shows how the country is progressing for a better future of its people. Visiting this museum is a very unique experience. If anyone is interested in understanding apartheid South Africa, it is fundamental for them to give this museum a visit.

Constitution Hill:

This is a former prison as well as a military fort which holds the turbulent past of the country. It describes the journey of South Africans towards democracy. If you want to attend the judicial processes and hearings, you are allowed to watch them in person. It opens a window to the rich history of South Africa.

Lion Park:

If you want to have a great wildlife experience, then you must visit the lion park in Johannesburg. The main highlight of this park is the presence of animal interactions. People can go for cuddling a lion cub or a tiger walk. Many other animals are present at this lion park. A large number of giraffes and ostriches attracts visitors towards themselves. Different species of antelopes are also present to entertain animal lovers. Wild dogs, zebras, hyenas and other animals are also a great source of attraction. If you want to capture pictures, you can have a photographic tour in the electric ride provided by the park administration. This is a great source of entertainment for children as well. Jumping castles and jungle gyms also attract great number of kids. It is suggested that the visitors should follow all security guidelines in order to avoid any mishap. If you are a wildlife lover, then you can get discounted fares to Johannesburg as well.

Largest hospital in the world:

The largest hospital in the world is Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospitalin Johannesburg. This hospital was built specially for British soldiers. It is also used as a teaching school for the students of medical sciences. It is located on one hundred and seventy three acres and has more than 6, 700 employees or workers. There are more than 3, 200
beds available for patients. On the other hand, Johannesburg is also known for providing the best, first class and sophisticated services to the patients. This hospital is serving more than thousand patients on daily basis.

The Hillbrow tower of Johannesburg:

It is considered as one of the tallest towers in Africa. It is easily visible to the visitors long before they enter the city. It has a height of 270 m with 90 storeys. This is a great attraction for tourists. Few years back, tourists were not allowed to visit hillbrow tower. Now, there is a restaurant at 197 meters of this tower. This is a very luxurious restaurant. It is known for meeting the high standards and comforting the customers. It has a luxurious lounge and a deluxe bar.

Gold reef city:

This is known as the top attraction for the people of South Africa. It is located 8 km away from the centre of the city. It is the best place of entertainment. It has an amazing and thrilling theme park. This is the biggest theme park in South Africa. You can also enjoy the best casino in gold reef city. It has a wide range of slots and tables available for the players. If you want to catch the blockbusters then there is a theatre with more than 1, 000 seats for you. In addition to that, it has great restaurants. It has the most perfect places to dine. This is a place which is fun for everyone. People of all ages can come and make their time memorable. You can also book a room for yourself through their website.

Best view of Johannesburg:

It is said that in every November, Johannesburg turns purple. This is the most beautiful and attractive view in Johannesburg. Each spring, from the start of October to early November, a sea of jacaranda trees are seen. They are present in the north of city centre. If you are in Johannesburg in these months, you must watch this beautiful view.

Traffic of Johannesburg:

The traffic of Johannesburg is legendary all over the world. It is quite difficult to reach the destination on time. The average travelling time in Johannesburg from one spot to another is approximately forty five minutes. This is applicable even when the destination is few blocks away. It is also known as the largest city in the world which is not built on any coastline or a river.

Largest man made forest:

Johannesburg is known for its greenery. It is still expanding its urban forest quickly. It is estimated that the city has 6 million trees which makes it the most cool, pleasant and shaded city. The streets are rapidly filled with trees and plants. There are many amazing things in this city. This city is full of natural beauty. Many efforts have been made to make the environment of this city clean. It has an amazing atmosphere due to the presence of large number of trees.

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