Amazing Things to do in South Africa

South Africa is a magnificent country with diversity in cultures and amazing tourist attractions throughout. It’s a dream haven for a vacation as it entails all sorts of fun activities as well as tranquil beaches to keep your trip interesting. Although it is perhaps more renowned as a big, bustling city, one would be surprised to know that it is one of the chief meeting points of the African continent.

Tourists are often attracted to the ideally colorful inhabitants and the rich history the city hides within itself. Apart from visiting the famous National parks, there are some indisputably amazing things to do in South Africa and top six of those are:

  1. Johannesburg and Cape Town:

This city is called the “heart” of Africa and the main entry point to the South Africa. It is also the second largest city where the cash flows are higher and fortunes are discovered. Though people have the perception made as the city being cruel and filled with crime, it is as a matter of fact, a city with great opportunity and energy-bursting inhabitants. A visit to the Soweto township is a necessary for the tourists to start their amazing journey. You can take cheap flight tickets to South Africa and start your journey with this fascinating city tour.

Cape Town is a city of culture mix and modern day living. You can mesmerize yourself with huge markets, malls as well as adventure. Paragliding and abseiling from Table Mountain are just few of the adventure perks you’ll get to enjoy in the city. The infamous V&A Waterfront is a breathtaking place to enjoy, especially sandboarding at the dunes.  If you’re a penguin lover, visit the Simons Tower and indulge into the cuteness of their dance.

  1. Addo Elephant National Park:

The Eastern Cape region of South Africa is home to the one of the country’s largest parks, the Addo Elephant National Park. As signified by the name, it is popular for its sanctuary given to elephants that are distinctively brown and has a special skin because of the red soil. Other animal can also be found within the view, such as ostriches, antelopes and so on. In 2004, lions and hyenas were also given home in the Park.

  1. Microlight near Durban:

Located on the eastern coast of South Africa, Durban has a a subtropical climate, and since it is very near to Johannesburg, that has made the city a popular destination. You can find exquisite architecture in the Islamic mosques, Hindu temples ad Christian churches. However, the most amazing experience Durban can offer is the microlight swing from the one and only stadium swing in the entire world at Moses Mabidha Stadium. It is situated in the city of St. Lucia just near Durban. If you’re there only for a short while, you can avail the opportunity to fly over the enormous and remarkable coastline. This is by far the most similar experience you can get in comparison to skydive. Watching over the dolphins and sea turtles while you feel the splashes of wind over your face is truly a spectacular experience. Even more so, if you fly right at the time of the whale migration.

  1. Garden Route:

The highlight of the extraordinary journey you’re about to have is given by the introduction of the Garden Route which is a picturesque stretch of the South-eastern coast of South Africa. Commencing from the Mossel Bay in the Western Cape, it extends till the Storm River all the way to the Eastern Cape. Garden Route is basically a place that has everything to offer from beautiful coastline which is great for water sports, hikes, waterfalls, forest canopy tours, laid back atmosphere in the villages with sandy beaches, small town nearby with beautiful heritages, a charming holiday town in the name of Knysna which is the heart of the Garden Route, wild-life sanctuaries for family gatherings, modern day malls and golfing destinations, ostrich farms to enthralling caves and the list goes on and on.

Any trip to Africa is absolutely fitful without Safari and so Garden route is one of the best places you can enjoy your safari and spot the big 5 animals along your way.

  1. Cango:

Cango Caves is one of the oldest tourists attraction of the country is amongst the best caves you’ll visit around the globe. The tour is divided into two categories based on difficulty level. The standard tour is an easy one where you walk through the magnificent and intriguing chambers. On the other hand for all the adventurous and curious tourists, they have an adventure tour which consists of extreme narrow passageways summing only up to 26 centimetres.

On the other hand, another craziest of the things to do in the Cango Ostrich Farm is to ride an Ostrich. However, you have to weigh less than 65 kilos so this is mostly an activity women can enjoy and tease about. In the Cango Ostrich farm, you can see how they are raised and get so close to the largest bird on the face of the earth.

  1. Diving with Sharks

South Africa is about all you can do and as many cherished experiences you can take away with yourself in the journey. Amongst those is a wild choice that thrills and scares people, yet, the excitement surpasses all the fear there is in the heart. This experience includes cage diving with great white sharks. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to be a certified diver or know how to swim either. It might even be the simplest thing you’ve done as you’ll be standing in a cage. The irony is only that sharks will probably be bumping into the cages and you can throw fishes as bait to attract them.

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