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About Nigeria

Nigeria is a land of beauty, diversity and a rich cultural heritage. It is a melting pot of more than 250 different cultures and languages all living together in one common land. The presence of so many cultures means that Nigeria is enriched with many different type of cuisines, arts, music, dances and even architecture.

There is diversity in terms of religious groups as well. The north is populated by Muslims lining elegantly for Friday prayers, the south welcomes scores of people on churches every Sunday. In various villages and towns, you can also find ancient religions of African origin like animalism and Voodoo.

Whether you’re exploring the traffic clogged yet laughter filled streets of Lagos, or you’re exploring the lush green villages lining rivers and streams, you won’t be able to help falling in love with this troubled paradise of a nation. There is beauty in nature, beauty in people, and beauty in their varied culture heritage.

The landscape reflects the diversity that prevails overall in this nation of over 177 million people. The country of home to vast stretches of sandy beaches, mesmerizing mountains and rich green plains. The national parks of Nigeria are home to some of the rarest and endangered species of animals on the planet.

Nigeria is the strongest economic power of Africa, and while it still has a long way to go Nigeria is an emerging nation that is full of opportunities and surprises. It offers you both a wild side full of bars and nightclubs to satisfy the night owls and a quieter side for the literary souls who’re looking to lose themselves in the mysteries of nature.

Nigeria is full of surprises it’s not unusual for tourists to dance away the night at a wedding, or sip wine with local celebrities, haggle for art in the local markets, or swim under the waterfall in the mountains. In fact, Nigeria has so many different sides it starts to feel more like a continent as opposed to a country. It’s a definitely a hub of culture and language, and a location that every traveler to visit at least once in their life.

What to Eat in Nigeria

Due to so many different cultural groups, the cuisine is quite diverse as well. You can find hot and spicy dishes, fresh meat and fish, and imported fare as well. There’s sushi, Hamburgers, pastas, and so much more in the restaurants of Nigeria along with the traditional local food.

In short, African, European, American and Asian all tastes are catered for. If you’re a meat lover, you’re going to love the northern part of the country which serves some of the best meat dishes in Africa. Note that pork is forbidden for Muslims and so it won’t be available in certain Muslim majority areas such as Kano.

Some Nigerian food specialties include dodo, boli and apa, sakora, yam, sweet potatoes, cassava, soya and egussi soup. You should try the local cuisine, it tastes good moreover it will enrich your travel experience as well.

Where to Stay In Nigeria

Where you stay depends on the cities that you will be travelling to. Many top class hotels are available on Lagos Island however they are mostly heavily booked so reservations need to be made in advance if you want to stay in these hotels.

Other safe places to stay include government sponsored guest houses that are available in various cities and offer accommodation at reasonable prices. People travelling for academic reasons can also avail accommodation at various university guest houses.

Many sporting clubs in the country also offer accommodation and cheap food to tourists who avail temporary memberships in these clubs.

No matter where you plan to stay, it is important that you have your bookings done in advance as you may need to show your accommodation details to acquire your Nigerian Visa.

What is the best Time to Visit Nigeria?

The best time to visit Nigeria is between December to January as a lot of events and festivals are being hosted during these months. However it is also the busiest and most expensive time of the year to travel to Nigeria.

If you want to travel during the dry season than your best bet is to go between Octobers to January. The weather is dry so you can easily travel and explore the outdoors without worrying about rain.

June to August is Nigeria’s rainy season, it is quite wet during these seasons so tourism is low during these months. However, it is also the time that gives packages featuring cheapest travel tickets to Nigeria.

Shopping and Nightlife.

From village bargains on handcrafted items to Fine art sales in Lagos, you can find almost everything in the markets of Nigeria. Whether its arts, jewelry, food, clothes, books, handcrafted items, carpets or even batteries, there is diversity in everything you see in the markets of Lagos. If you’re looking for some souvenirs to take back home with you, check out the Lekki market, you’re sure to find stuff something for your loved ones there. There’s choices available for all kinds of budget, so you won’t have to worry much about money either.

Nigeria sure knows how to party as well, so if you’re looking for good clubs in town head over to the south of Nigeria. You’ll find some of the best clubs in the country featuring jazz bands and big names in the country.

Cheap Travel Packages to Nigeria

If you’re looking for a cheap Nigeria flight, then make sure the company you work with is both experienced and reputed so they can ensure a safe, comfortable and discounted travel for you and your family.

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