Are you planning to visit an unexplored destination during the coming vacations? Book your tickets for Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Though the city is considered as a mandatory stop during the way to safaris in the world, Dar es Salaam in itself is a captivating place to be explored. While the other countries and cities have a large number of tourists, you can avoid the crowds and choose for Dar es Salaam for your next trip.

A Walk through the Dar city will show you the culture of the country and you can find a number of interesting places in the city to visit. There is National Museum and Makumbusho Village Museum in the city depicting the cultural norms and values as well as historic nature of the city. The famous art gallery contains the alluring and finest art pieces for travelers seeking cultural understanding.

Dhow cruises heading to Bongyo Island are popular among travelers adding to the unforgettable travel experience. Adventurers enjoy scuba diving and deep-sea fishing in the water areas of Dar es Salaam. The Oyster Bay locating the Coco Beach is an amazing spot to have a thrilling swimming experience or simply enjoy brunch with your family. Are you fancying a trip to Dar es Salaam? Browse through the available flights to Dar es Salaam and searching through the hundreds of airlines, you can find the right deal for your next trip.

Dar es Salaam is gate way to Tanzania and you can start your trip from this city even if you are planning to see Zanzibar or heading to climb Kilimajaro. Dar es Salaam flights are entertained at Dar es Salaam international airport (DAR) which is located at the distance of approximately six miles from the center of the city. Being the largest city of the country, Dar es Salaam is the hub of the country in most aspects. Every week, the 329 domestic and 448 international flights depart from the airport having 34 airlines operating out of the airport.  While booking your tickets, you can take a multi-airline ticket to Dar es Salaam as well to save your costs.

Once you have gotten into the city, there is a lot of stuff to do. Take a round of the city exploring the historical architecture of the city and end up your tiring day while relaxing at beach. The busiest Kariakoo market is one of its type. If you want to experience the mouthwatering foods of the country, go to the fish market and Kuvikoni front and famous not-to-miss Kariakoo market. So what are you waiting for? Look for discounted fares to Dar es Salaam on our website and get ready for an enthralling experience.

Not too many years ago, Dar es Salaam used to be a small village, but it has now turned into the financial and cultural center of the country. The name of this Tanzanian country means ‘heaven of peace’. This heaven of peace has stunning destination across the city that leave the travelers in awe of their beauty. Compare prices and find cheap flights to Dar es Salaam to experience the bustling city before leaving for your trip to islands and safaris.

A number of airlines offer flight to Dar es Salaam. Qatar Airways, Emirates,  KLM, Kenya airways, Egypt Air and many others offer connecting flights to Dar es Salaam with a plane change at some spot in between or overnight stays. However, British Airways is the only airline offering direct flight to Dar es Salaam.

Local transport system in the city is limited. There are few mini vans that are cheap but have specific route and may not fit you for your travel within the city. The best way to travel around the city is to get a taxi and negotiate price with the driver before you get aboard.  However, there are no public taxis in the city and all of them are privately owned so fares may vary from one taxi to other. You may also like to ask your hotel if they are offering free or even paid transport service to and from the airport. Airport shuttles offered by the hotels are the most reliable. To travel within the city, car hiring is an option where you can pre-book a car to get to your desired destination.

Once you have booked your air tickets to Dar es Salaam, the next challenge is to find a hotel for your stay because the city has endless options to offer. You will always be confused between beaches and city metropolitan area, or islands and mountain ranges. The city has a variety of luxury hotels that offer extravagant amenities to the travelers choosing to stay there.

If you are traveling on budget, you can also find a decent hotel in the main city that can provide you all the basic facilities. The international hotel brands are competing in the city, offering customers with comfortable rooms, swimming pools, variety of restaurants and much more. The downtown of the city is filled with resort hotels to accommodate travelers. Find discount flights to Dar es Salaam and book your hotel in budget after saving from your air tickets.

As the city is located close to equator, it experiences hot and dry weather round the year. The city has two major rainfalls seasons: in April and in October. If you haven’t decided dates for your trip, you may like to take into account rainy season of the country and plan your trip except these months. Dry weather makes it easy to appreciate the beauty of the city.

Whether you are travelling with your family for a leisure trip or  are on your business trip to Tanzania, or may be are simply stopping over the city on your way to next big trip, Dar es Salaam is an undiscovered place, which is worth visiting. Don’t miss out what others have been missing and book your tickets now!

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