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Nairobi is one of Africa’s most famous cities. It is the capital of Kenya and also the largest city in Kenya, housing a whopping 3 million people. However the biggest surprise for many tourists to Nairobi is that there is a massive game reserve inside the city. In fact, Nairobi National Park is the only game reserve in the world that is within the limits of a major city so this place is totally worth checking out. The safaris will be fun and the overall appeal of Kenyan culture and Maasai tribes are a truly memorable travel experience, but before you even get there, you will want to find cheap flights.

Here are some tips for locating cheap flights to Nairobi

1.Travel Tuesday
For some unexplained reason, travelling on a Tuesday is always the cheapest. So when you are searching for flights, check every possible day of the week and at various times, but always be aware that the Tuesday prices will in most cases be the cheapest. A similar logic can be applied for times of day. Morning flights are often the dearest, but flights between 12 midnight and 6 am can be the cheapest. If you are flying early on the Tuesday morning at 6 am, an added tip is simply to spend the night at the airport.

2.Compare Flight Search Engines
Don’t just go onto Tripsta or Skyscanner and take their prices as gospel or the lowest you can get. Use multiple flight search engines to ensure you find the cheapest possible flights for airlines. It is worth spending time online looking at various different websites, using different stopover cities and different times and dates.

Once you have an idea of the cheapest flights, write down the cheapest ones you found, make a note of the airline and double check them with the website of the airline so that you get the best deal.

3.Be Flexible on Routes
Sometimes when you are booking flights, the easiest and quickest options are not always the cheapest. It might seem absurd that to fly an extra 300 miles will cost $30 US less, but in some cases, this certainly works. Major airlines companies cut their costs down by using hubs and by sending multiple flights out from the same runways. By doing this, they cover their costs easiest and then boycott using certain airports to maximise their profit.

Be very aware of this when you are booking and be flexible with the routes you choose. If you end up with an 8 hour layover in a city you have no plans to visit, it will be worth it if you save $50 US.

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4.Use Air Miles
If you have not yet signed up for air miles, please try and do so as soon as you can. It is a superb way to pick up points over a period of time and eventually get a free or discounted flight. It is also useful for upgrades and as a way to prove to airlines that you are a regular customer. Make sure to bring your airlines miles card to every flight so the number is inputted into your boarding pass and you get given the miles for it. As an extra tip, some credit card companies offer bonuses and even double air miles for the first year, so sign up to any promotions like this, you can always pay off the card and cancel it later.

5.Don’t Always Fly Direct
Some people wrongly assume that flying direct from point A to point B is the best option. It might not even be the fastest option believe it or not. For example the Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Dakar, which is supposed to be direct, actually has a layover in Nouakchott in Mauritania. It’s also hugely important to bear in mind that flights out of major airports are more likely to be delayed or cancelled than those from a smaller airport. For example, Gaborone airport in Botswana has a much lower number of flight delays and cancellations than Oliver Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. Yet tourists constantly pick the Johannesburg airport and then overland into Botswana if they are heading there next.

Other advantages of this are the night in a stop-over city. For example, London to Nairobi can be done with a night in Addis Ababa, Doha or Dubai. Try not to see this as a hindrance but an advantage, as you can get a full night and day in a new city to check out the sights, freshen up, enjoy a new place and then head onwards to Nairobi at the end of it.

Hopefully these ideas are a bit of extra food for thought as you prepare for your holiday in Kenya. Make sure you check as many options as you can for cheap Nairobi flights and off you go on your adventure!

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