The Definitive Guide to Getting the Cheapest Travel Tickets to Lagos

As Nigeria’s capital city from 1914 to 1991, Lagos (LOS) earned its status as the economic and cultural centre of Africa’s most populous nation. The city, whose name means “lakes” in Portuguese, is also the largest metropolis in the continent. For the visitor wishing to experience the best in business or pleasure, Lagos has always lived up to the bill as the premier destination south of the Sahara. Equally, Est International Travel and Tours specializes in offering travel services to African communities living in the US, especially those who wish to visit Lagos. We offer the cheapest travel tickets to Lagos, as well as extras such as visa processing.

Based on our years of practice, we can point out tips that will ensure you take a tour to Lagos in the most convenient way possible. International travel is affordable when you plan it carefully. As a top travel agent, therefore, we guide you to find ways of saving on tickets by offering the cheapest flights to Lagos.

Use a travel agency to procure Lagos travel tickets

You have fulfilled the visa, entry, and exit requirements, and now you only need to book a flight to Lagos. Your polio and yellow fever vaccinations are in order too, but you find that the flight tickets to Nigeria are a bit expensive. When on a budget, it is crucial that you choose affordable options because the cost of living in Lagos is quite high with some even remarking that it is more expensive than Los Angeles.

Indeed, the major air carriers, such as US Airways, Air France, Delta, and British Airways serve Murtala Muhammed Airport—Lagos’ international airport. However, booking without the necessary consultation can easily set you back an average of $1600. Our agency, on the other hand, collaborates closely with more than six partners to get you the best deals for Houston (IAH) to Lagos, and as a result, we can get you more than 80 flight deals.

Before you board flights to Lagos, therefore, consider whether you will travel the more than 6000 miles to Lagos in a carrier that offers the most convenient service in line with your itinerary. Since we incorporate your personal tastes when planning your trip, we get you the deals that suit your budget to ensure that your visit would be memorable.

In 2015 alone, we facilitated the trips of hundreds of customers to Lagos, who sought the cheapest travel tickets. We provided fares that were nearly half of the expected average, which meant that our clients could free up more funds to spend while on their visit.

If possible, avoid booking during the peak season

Lagos has wet and dry seasons. As a city with a tropical monsoon climate, the wet months can get extremely humid. Thus, the majority of the visitors prefer the dry months that run from October up to January. If you, in turn, follow the masses and book your flight during this season, you are bound to encounter expensive airline fares.

Over the years, we have served two broad categories of customers wishing to fly to Lagos—the tourists and the business executives. Although the tourist types may be less inclined to visit Lagos during its wet months, we encourage the business traveler to take advantage of the fewer bookings during the off-season.

During the off-season, we can find you the cheapest flights to Lagos in addition to the best hotel rates. Because of the low bed occupancy during this season, hotels lower their charges significantly to keep their businesses competitive. For the tourist, we advise that s/he consider the savings that cascade from the cheap tickets to the cost of living while in Nigeria. Undeniably, we have recorded the greatest number of customers wishing to visit Lagos during this season, and they have always remarked that the experience is unforgettable all the same.

It is a matter of timing

The peak- and off-seasons are considerable factors when determining how to save on flight tickets. However, timing is crucial too. As a rule of thumb, we encourage our customers to book their flights months in advance. In that sense, they stand a better chance of getting affordable quotes for fares.

There are special events such as Easter, Christmas, and Ramadan that also influence the ticket prices. A good number of our customers usually aim to visit their families in Lagos during these periods. It is nearly impossible to find good flight deals days before or during these festive times. Early booking remains the best strategy in these instances too.

In Summary

We have the experience and connections to make visiting Lagos on a budget a reality. We can get you the cheapest travel tickets to Lagos as befits your travel plans. If you wish to discover what Africa’s largest city has to offer, do not hesitate to call, email, or visit our offices personally so that we can discuss how to make your planned visit one that you will cherish.

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