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An African destination popular for its mild weather, safaris, and rich culture, South Africa attracts visitors throughout the year. As a result, it’s possible to get a cheap flight ticket to South Africa by connecting from the major international hubs. EST International Travel & Tours specializes in providing airline tickets to South Africa for African Americans wishing to experience what the second-world nation has to offer.

Flight ticket South Africa

When to book South Africa flights

As a visitor from Houston, you should note that South Africa experiences the full four seasons that you’re used to. The only significant difference is that the country is in the Southern hemisphere, and thus, while it’s summer in Houston, it would be winter in South Africa, and vice versa.

Apart from winter; it’s ordinarily hot and sunny during the summer, autumn and spring months in South Africa. Still, winters don’t get as cold as they range between 50F0 and 60F0. Actually, even the hot summer temperatures have never been reported to get beyond 75F0.

Although you can book South Africa flights for tours year-round, it’s recommended that you travel during particular seasons for weather-dependent recreation. For instance, autumn, winter, and spring temperatures are most suitable for outdoor activities.

That’s why, for safaris, tourists flock to South Africa during the spring months between August and October since the game is plenty at this time. Those interested in marine wildlife get a treat from August to December, when the Southern Right whales’ migration brings them into the Western Cape for calving. In addition to whale watching, surfing is also popular between April and May, due to an 1800 mile-long coastline and exposure to the major ocean currents: Mozambique-Agulhas and Benguela.

As a rule of thumb, avoid getting a flight ticket to South Africa just before the public holidays like the Human Rights Day (March 21), Heritage Day (September 24), and Freedom Day (April 27). Also, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll score cheap flights to South Africa days before/after the start/end of school holidays.

Why you should book a ticket to South Africa

Our customers primarily visit South Africa to reconnect with their ancestral heritage and history. But, a sizeable segment is attracted by the illustrious struggles of the apartheid era associated with Nelson Mandela—who came into prominence after surviving 27 years of incarceration.

On your South African tour, don’t forget to visit the ‘Nobel Street.’ Nestled in the heart of the Soweto slums, Vilakazi St. was home to Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, both famous Nobel Laureates.

The country teems with wildlife in game parks like Kruger, which is home to the ‘big five’ and thousands of other mammalian species. Similarly, the 9 million acres Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is comprised of the South African Kalahari Gemsbok National Park and is a showcase of concerted conservation efforts.

On the other hand, South Africa is home to two famous cities: Johannesburg and Cape Town. Johannesburg (invariably nicknamed Joburg or Jozi by the locals), was majorly built by the wealth resulting from the gold rush of 1886. Joburg has a vibrant nightlife made fascinating by the fact that it has the highest number of dollar millionaires in Africa. The city on the southwest coast of South Africa, Cape Town, on its part, offers cable car climbs to the nearby Table Mountain.

Our customers consider South Africa as the go-to African destination. From its majestic natural beauty to globally renowned landmarks like Robben Island and the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, South Africa excels at offering thrills for every type of visitor.

We can help you get cheap flights to South Africa

Using our insider connections, we have up to 70 deals of cheap flights to South Africa. A ticket to South Africa could cost upwards of $3000. However, we will, for instance, get you flight tickets on South African Airways for an average of $1600 from Houston (IAH) to Joburg (JNB), with a stopover in Dakar, Senegal.

The goodies don’t end there, however. We will get you the most spacious seating for your budget. Remember, you need some comfort to withstand the more than 9000-mile journey to South Africa. Whether it’s a seat near the front of the aircraft so that you be among the first passengers to get served food or get off the plane, we will advise you on how best to enjoy your flight.

We will even book your preferred airline to fit your itinerary. The Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta (ATL), for example, flies you nonstop to Johannesburg. The short connection from Houston to Atlanta, therefore, will allow you to enjoy the comparably shorter 16-hour flight over the Atlantic.

For domestic connections, our cheap flights to South Africa free up some funds for you so that you can fly between local destinations like Durban, Sun City, and East London with the local carriers, such as Airlink, Mango, and more.

Call us on 713-974-0521, or visit our office at 6776 Southwest Freeway, to get your personalized flight deal to South Africa today!



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