Cheapest Travel Tickets to Nairobi With Special Fare

When travelling to Nairobi Kenya, you should take into consideration the most expensive time to travel would be in high season which stretches from July to March, this is when most visitors fly over to see Kenya for its magnificent Wildlife and Lush green Nature reserves, for which it is so popular. Most people tend to avoid March to May and October to December as these are the rainy months that make up the Off tourist period in Nairobi . At this time the city is much quieter and you will find the most affordable flights, and accommodation that is better with lower rates, so this would be a good time to make your booking.

Kenya has a very large and diverse population and a very rich culture, there are many festivals and events that take place in Kenya to celebrate their cultural heritage that you can take part in or simply just view.

The main attraction in Nairobi is off course the breath-taking Nairobi National park, famous for its beautiful , bounty of wildlife and plant life, other attractions are; the giraffe Centre, Elephant and Rhino orphanage and then the Ol Donya Sabuk National Park surrounded by mountain forests. The Nairobi National Museum also contains many interesting exhibits and is a must to see.

Fastiet is a travel agency that offers low cost airlines by avoiding costly extras, so customers can enjoy affordable fares and if they choose pay extra for additional services such as snacks and beverages if required, this is an option that can also be considered when looking for affordable fares.

You can also look out for Black Fly day specials on airfares from 27030 November there will be exquisite deals on many airfares to a variety of destinations.

Travelstart has introduced their Jambojet which is a low cost airline to make air travel much more affordable for business and leisure travellers.

Because there is very little competition between airlines in Africa, airfares to and through Africa has a tendency to be one of the most of the most expensive of all international tickets.

South African Airlines provide the only direct airline service between Africa and North America, and South African Airlines dominate the rest of the South American market as well, Quantas Airlines is the airline so far that only competes with South African Airlines and no other airline. Europe on the other hand has good affordable fares to African destinations.

The fear of traveling via Egypt has also caused the airlines prices to drop considerably because of the area being unsafe. and British Airways offer many specials, frequent flyer programmes, and has club cards that can save you quite a bit on airfares.Flights on Friday have also been known to be cheaper because of superstition.

Muthaigatravel is one of Kenya’s leading travel agencies and tour operators, they have qualified and energetic staff in Kenya and South Sudan that accommodate all visitors. Muthaigatravel provide services such as air tickets, to domestic, regional and international destinations, car hire, sight-seeing tours, conferences, seminars and travel insurance, and they are accredited with the International Air Transport association.

They have many special packages for exotic holidays to many wonderful destinations, as well as plenty of special offers available on a regular basis.

Kenya is one of their most favoured and well known destinations, with its main city Nairobi being the centre of attraction. You can contact Muthaigatravel via their website and also get their APP on your android phone, their friendly staff will help you and find the best package to suit your needs.

In conclusion there are many travel agencies that will all try to accommodate you with excellent and prompt service, if you keep to off peak seasons you will find that it is much more affordable to travel to Nairobi Kenya and also more enjoyable without the rush off visitors from all over the globe.

South African Airways is one of the best and most trusted airlines to fly to Kenya and their prices are reasonable affordable in comparison to other airlines, they offer very good and friendly service.

Special fares to Nairobi can be organised using local airlines or using local transport when you are in the area, although transport in Nairobi via taxi could be quite a challenge as the roads are very busy and traffic there seems to be extremely rushed.

Nairobi Kenya is a beautiful place to consider as your holiday destination, and also offers a very affordable get away for anyone with many natural treasures to see and activities to experience. Accommodation there is affordable and there are some wonderful places to stay over for a memorable holiday.

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