Top 5 Safest Cities For Vacation In Nigeria

You must be wondering if visiting in Nigeria is safe or not as its cities have been witness to double the crime rates and political upheavals, but there are many cities too which are beautiful and we can bet are safe for the tourists. And here is a list of some of them.

  1. Abuja

It is a capital of Nigeria and a modern city with all the amenities and facilities available for the people to stay a comfortable life. Streets are beautiful and the roads are best.


Besides it has gorgeous hotels with all the facilities available to serve its tourists.  The best part is its huge skyscrapers and many attractive places like Zuma Rock, Guara falls, Aso Rock, National mosque beside many more places of historical places and worth visiting. The crime rate which is dominating in Lagos is relevantly very less in Abuja so tourists can feel much safer.  There are CCTV cameras installed on the streets to check on the crime rates.

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2. Enugu

It is known as a coal city and is popular among tourists for its beauty and geopolitical region.  It amazes tourists for its many attractions and past history for its unrest and Nigerian civil war. The sites see are Polo Park Mall, Nike Lake and many other attractions and beautiful hotels.


It is a well planned city with clean environment, friendly people and many opportunities to thrive.  Police crime fighters are very active so people and tourists feel quite safe moving around the city.


3. Benin

It is known as a city of hope and peace and with its friendly locals a tourist can have a great time here.  Several security patrol units regularly take rounds and with security gadgets at several places tourists feel quite safe.


People are very tolerant and good matured which has helped to keep the crime rate at the minimum. Its beauty and many tourist attractions have made this city heaven for tourists.


4. Akure

The AKure city is a capital of Ondo State and known for its peaceful existence between the different religions basically Christianity, Islam and their own traditional religion. People are very friendly and helping.



The government is leaving no stone unturned to make the city free of crime with its maximum expenditure being spend on its security which has making it a peaceful place for tourists.


5. Osogbo

It is a Muslim dominated area with mixture of ethnic and non ethnic groups as well but there is peace and religious tolerance among them which has made the city a great place to visit and reside.

OsogboThe government is also taking all its initiatives to develop and revive its communities and to start many programs for youths. Its initiative led to the its development and considerable reduction in the crime rate

With the increasing beauty, government initiatives and strict police vigilance, Nigeria is attracting thousands of foreign visitors every year.  If you are also the one who is planning to visit the place hesitate no more.

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