7 Common Travel Myths You Should Ignore

Whatever your do and where ever you go, you would often get to hear negative comments or myths which seem to make your decision almost impossible.

People are often heard saying, “Impossible”, this mere word becomes cynical about travelling.  In this today’s world of fast transport and communication too, many still believe that travelling is expensive, impossible and unsafe if you are not rich. But it is far from the truth.  There are many cheaper ways to cherish your dreams of travelling, only thing is you have to make up your mind and get going.

Lets Have: Tips To Make Your Overseas Travel Interesting and Easy

Here are few myths you should give deaf ears too if you love travelling:

  1. Travelling is a costly venture Until you do not have any trust fund

It is quite true that travelling does involve money, but the commercials, and travel magazines display of exigencies like fancy tours, luxurious accommodations are enough to spread the notion that travelling is a costly venture. Their years of bombardments and messages have entailed us to believe that travelling is luxurious.  But you can find much convenient and cheap ways too to make your travelling fun and enjoyable.  And of course, you do not require trust fund too for enjoying travelling.

2. Avoid Using credit Cards

If you use the credit card properly, there is no better way than to enjoy your travelling.  You can earn hundreds of miles travelling with enjoyment and that too free. Having multiple cards is best as you can increase your credit to debt ratio. Just make sure that you are not overspending and most importantly you are paying your bills on time.

3. Hitchhiking is unsafe.

The concept that hitchhiking is not safe goes back to the year 1950 when the FBI initiated campaign to insist people to stop hitchhiking as Civil rights activities were doing the same making travelling unsafe. FBI’s conscious approach has imbibed deeply in the mind of the people that hitchhiking is not safe. But it all depends on your judgment, not all people are psychotic killers.

4. Travelling is Unsafe for Women

Women are naturally most vulnerable to the miscreants if they are travelling alone, but more you approach the reporting highlights and the negativities, the more you feel the world is scary. But it is not, there are many highly regarded women who have travelled the world alone.  It is being having confidence in yourself and taking bit precautions, and I am sure you will enjoy.

5. Staying With Strangers Can Be Dangerous

People believe that staying with strangers is unsafe and this is what we are made to believe.   But there are good Samaritans who welcome the guests. But before staying with them find out credentials from their neighbors.

6. It is Not Possible To Work Overseas

Why not? There are many people who are working overseas as a tourist too. If you are flexible on the kind of work you are willing to put in, you can get employment easily.  You can find many legal jobs for travelers which you can get it easily if you are willing to do.

7. Travelling is Best For Singles

Have you wonder it is more fun travelling if you are old.  In your old age, you are free from all the job obligations and you can get maximum time spending with your family and friends.  Again you need to be careful in dealing with the strangers in an unknown city and use all the precautionary measures.

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