Few Travel Tips To The Land Of Africa

From skiing in Morocco to watching Gorillas, there are many wonders to unfold in Africa.  If it is your first-time plan into its lands, your preparation starts with deciding “Where in Africa”.  If there are many snowy mountains for the fun of skiing, there are beaches and hot desserts too and above all wildlife.  In fact, Africa is a land of 54 nations, and you have to decide where you want to go? Select only one nation or two in Africa, I suggest Uganda –The Pearl, considered as the best nation by the Lonely Planet, National Geographical Channel and Lagos.

Uganda is a most diverse nation in Africa as a group of many countries and completely non commercialized.  Get into the wild parks as Safari tours, meet the mountain Gorillas. If you are adventurer go on a hike and climb the mountains, cruise on the River Nile, or bike on Uganda.  To add to it there are many bird species in Uganda.  You can also visit Rwanda , fly in Entebbe and out of Kigali. You have Savannah wildlife and explore their diverse and rich culture.  If you are not nature or adventure loving, you have beaches, nightlife and shopping arcades in other African countries.

However, these bits of advice will make things considerably easier for you where ever in Africa you would like to go.

Look Out For Safari Tour Operator Based in Africa

Though there may be many tour operators, but you should deal with the one who is located in the country if you are visiting for the first time in Africa. You also need to assure that tour operator is accredited and license holder.  You then only have to tell about your plan, the days of your visit, your budget and let the Tour Operator plan for you. The tour operator can also guide you about the lodging or any other itinerary for you. By dealing with the tour operator, you will be cutting tremendous cost that you might have to bear while finding yourself.

Study About the Country of Your Visit

Take out few moments of your busy schedule to study about the country of your visit.  You can get a lot of information from the websites and other informatory guides about the history, its culture, climate conditions, places to stay and much more.  This bit of information can help you plan your journey.

Pack light

Carry little. Pack very light belongings just suitcases for suits and suckers. One suitcase or a duffle bag is sufficient.  Your tour operator company will guide you about the weather condition so pack your belonging accordingly.  Keep a power bar with you. You can find food where ever you are but for the small cost having something in hand that can give you energy is sufficient. You can also carry USB devices to port information, pictures or applications.

Drink Lot of Water

I suggest drinking lot of bottled water, beer, sodas or whatever you like. You can sweat a lot as there could be maximum walking.

Eat From Local Joints

If you want to go for cheap food, try cooked food situated at the roadside kiosks or many other local spots You can watch people lavishing beans and chapattis on the streets of Nairobi.  Avoid going to westernized restaurants.

Be Open To New Experiences

Get yourself acquainted for some new traverses of these African lands and experiences. Try some different kind of foods and drinks offered by locals and get acquainted with their culture and traditions. You will be amazed to know how rich their culture is.  Some visitors are also excited to encounter poor people. Don’t feel pity but show your other side.  Your compassion and love for the people and their belief.

Write Down Your Memorable Moments

Put down on paper all your experiences and memorable moments of Africa to cherish the same for many years ahead.

Conclusion: Africa is a land of mystery for many and of nature’s paradise and dreams for other. It is what you feel that counts. So book your  tickets to Africa  at lowest price and explore the mystery land.

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