Top Things To Do In Abuja

Many people who have been working or living in Abuja many find the city dull or boring, but if you are a visitor to this land, you may, in fact, find it quite interesting. There are many recreation activities and things to adore in this city. Only bowling belly in West Africa, best golfing, many pool bars, hotels to sunbath and drinking your way to getting silly.

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Here are what you can enjoy and cherish yourself in and around Abuja:

IBB Golf Course.  It has a course with 18 holes, a great terrace to provide a grand view of Abuja.  You can cherish the drinks and sit for hours on the terrace with your friends.  If you love playing, you can enjoy games of tennis, golf, great caddies, and nice atmosphere.

The Hash House Harriers Run/Walk:  You can spend every other weekend in a much cherished Hash House meeting place. It is where you can meet many people in foreign places. You can also enjoy a walk or part in running through housing estate while enjoying the meals.  There you can also acquaint yourself with a sponsor who can throw many prizes and of course locals and expats.

The Hilton pool, gym, and Fulani Bar:   It is the largest hotel in Africa having a pool for the enjoyment of kids. You can take a lap in the morning and perform exercises in a gym with cardio and weights. You can enjoy delicious food and drinks near the pool.

The Dome:  The Dome at the airport road is best for kids enjoyment as it provides bowling alleys, video games,  pool tables and many restaurants.

Grand Square Supermarket:    It is the best place to enjoy eatables and is renowned for its bread outside Paris. You can cherish the ice cream quite favorite among people of Abuja.  Though the rates are high but the taste of the meats and cheese is best.  The supermarket is known for its great service and selected food it serves.

Yankari National Park.  If you love nature, drive for 7 to 8 hours to reach Yankari National Park. To reach there it is recommended to start at 8 am, halt at Jos and do see National Museum, enjoy your lunch at the Ceder Tree restaurant and reach the park in the evening. Enjoy at Wikki Warm Springs and enjoy watching animals and nature for two days.

Suleja: Don’t miss Suleja were Zuma Rock is kept. The picture of the rock is inscribed at the back of the 100 Naira note.  You would be amazed to see the abandoned, seemed to be haunted hotel just next to the rock.   You can also find many pottery stores with its famous being glazed pottery. Just ninety minutes from Suleja you can enjoy Gwara Falls.

There are many more places to see, enjoy and spend your leisure time in Abuja. Set your sight for this silent but vibrant city and take back some wonderful moments with you.

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