If You Want To Travel With Your Children to South Africa’s, Check Out For The New rules

The South African government issued new rules for travelers wishing to travel to South Africa in accompany with children.  The rules state that any person accompanying a child has to prove his or her parenthood or guardianship. A parent has to present a birth certificate while travelling whereas a single adult needs consent of a non-travelling parent.  Even if you are transiting through the South African airport accompanying by a child, you need to present an unabridged birth certificate or relevant document. While any other supporting documents are not needed when passing through transit.

Regarding more details on the rules you can visit  https://www.flysaa.com.  To describe in short, if only one parent is travelling, an affidavit providing consent of the non-travelling parent is required including copy of their identity document and passport. If parents are divorced, a certified copy of divorce order is besides a letter of consent of the parent is needed.  If one parent has died a certified copy of death certificate needs to be presented and if one person is mission or unknown, the mother has to present an affidavit that she owns the responsibility of the child.

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The rule though designated to protect illegal trafficking of the children below 18 years but displaying many negative implications, particularly on the travelling industry.

Tour operators are dismayed by these sudden changes as it is hitting the tourism. Many tourists have to be turned back from the airport because of the lack of documents. China too canceled flights to South Africa only because of these new Visa regulations.  People are at their inconvenience as difficulties arise if a single parent or a guardian accompanies a child while travelling.  Additional documents are also required for the purpose.

However, airliners are doing their bit to ease the inconvenience of the travelers.  The government has made all the information about the new rules available in the website. Tourists who have booked their tickets between the months May 31 to June 30 can change their flights if they do not have requisite documents while they can rebook between May 31 and July 31. It is imperative for you to check on with the airlines to see if you need to pass through the immigration process at arrival in South Africa.

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