How To Avail Flight Tickets To Africa At Cheaper and Budgeted Rates

For most of the travelers to the beauteous lands of Africa is their apprehension about the travelling expenses – costs they have to bear on travelling. It is seen that during the high season, many flights tickets to South Africa costs more than on an average $2,000 round trip from America and many flights stop and change their planes too. And while most of the airlines, like Delta and South African Airways, are taking on more straight routes, fairs continue to soar to an unprecedented degree for many.

The increase of fares should be a cause of worry for you as with little resourcefulness you can have tickets at budgeted rates for your destination. Just start with comparing your general flier miles and get to know which airlines fly to the region you have been planning to visit. There are many flights that are announcing award programs as a partnership with sponsor companies or forge into alliance with other Airways companies.

You can use the miles for many airways companies like British Airways which is a OneWorld alliance member who has entered into code-share agreements with American Airlines, set their flight from New York to London and from London to many other cities.

If this option is not feasible for you, just give a try to travel to Africa during winters when rates of flights tend to be cheaper as compared to the busy season between the June to August. Since many aircrafts flying to Africa tend to fly through Europe,  winter months are generally a good bargain.

If you are booking domestic South African flights, check the rates of the budget carriers and full service carriers. If you are taking on International flights, just look at the lower cost with long haul carriers like Qatar Airways, Etihad and Turkish Airlines and Emirates.

While booking flights, there is always a possibility to book your outbound or return flight separately.  Analyze on the deals on each booking separately, you might get some discount offers or extra privileges.  However, if you intend to book an international flight it is always suggested to book an outbound and return ticket together and that too for the same airlines.   It is highly suggested to avoid booking on Sunday evening, Friday and on the days before public holidays or when the School holidays are going to start or end. Tickets are also generally expensive during any event or occasion. For instance, if you fly to Cape Town little before their Argus Cycle Tour, rates of tickets generally shoots up. Prefer August which is a cheaper month whereby you can fly to Local South African flights.

Above all if the above tips are not to your taste, “EST International Travel and Tours” is the one you can trust. They have many schemes at budgeted rates and Travel insurance programs too to reduce your travelling expenses and provide you protective cover with complete safety measures.   Besides, you can avail of the exclusive African Safari packages at best deals in the continents famous wild life parks.  Get the exclusive tickets and set sailing across the continental wonderlands.

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