What are Some Unique Wedding Customs of Nigerian Culture?

In the Western Region of Nigeria, ladies can regularly be found in their customary clothing of “Buba”, a vaporous sort shirt with long sleeve, and “Iro” the wrapper that is tied over the buba. To finish this entire clothing, a lady will wear a head wrap (as a rule in coordinating texture). This head wrap is known as ‘Gele’.Now to understand the customs and culture of Nigeria best way is to Travel To Nigeria

Nigerian Culture And Fashion

The Gele is a conventional Nigerian head wrap. It is worn amid uncommon events as an assistant to the conventional ‘iro’ (a fold over skirt) and ‘buba’ (a baggy pullover). Gele is normally made out of overwhelming or solid texture that can be wrapped and formed into a particular shape. Textures from Switzerland and Austria are exceptionally prevalent, however the most well known and indigenous to the Yoruba is the ‘aso oke.’ Aso oke is initially a formal texture woven locally in Nigeria and is made up ordinarily of strands of cotton or potentially silk. Aso oke is likewise used to make iro and buba, yet by and large for extremely unique events, for example, the lady of the hour’s wedding dress.

Experiencing childhood in Nigeria, the tying of the gele was dependably an indication of an up and coming extraordinary event. Mothers, who confesses to being awkward at this honorable workmanship, dependably enrolled the assistance of a dear companion or neighbor before a gathering. After numerous fizzled endeavors by mothers, these ladies would swoop in and have the gele tied in 5 minutes level. To a young ladies, there is nothing more delightful than seeing your mom resembling a ruler. The gele implied more to a tiara or a genuine crown. It was a definitive articulation of womanliness. Perhaps it was the flashing metallic of the aso oke, or the brilliant shades of the gele that influenced ladies to look so glamorous.But it was engaging, and done right by female in a general public that praised the predominance and prevalence of men.

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Gele is an indication of economic wellbeing and significance. It is, basically, the Nigerian lady’s crown. In the eighties, the different satire sitcoms in Nigeria dependably had an ‘agent’ character donning an expertly tied gele. One of such ladies was the character ‘Madam’ of the arrangement, Basi and Company, made by the late Ken Saro-Wiwa. She was a lady of means, week by week falling prey to one of Basi’s ‘get-rich-fast’ plans. She wore her gele constantly, regardless of how brilliant or abnormal. It was an indication of showy garishness, at any given moment where tycoons were being made it appeared to be day by day in a then 20-something year old Nigeria.

Nigerian PeopleThe Modern Gele

Today, the gele, much like Nigerian customary culture, has been redone and celebrated. A blast of innovativeness, joined with our inborn social pride implies that ladies are regarding the gele not similarly as an adornment but rather some of the time as the principle focal point of their clothing. Gele presently accompanies scalloped edges, laser-cut plans, hand-beaded, two-tone impacts, Swarovski encrusted, hand-painted, weaved, sequinned, and some other outline stylish you can dream up. Gele tying is currently an administration gave by most cosmetics specialists as well as salons in Nigeria or Nigerian people group over the world.


During the customary wedding service, mothers, her ‘board’ of knowledgeable wedding organizers scoured several texture tests before choosing the gele. Despite the fact that precisely needed, this was vital as the gele for your wedding is for the most part uniquely designed. Being that the prep was from an alternate piece of the nation and has his own conventions. The Yorubas, were an “aso oke” gele (to run with the “aso oke””iro”and “buba”) for the function, as amid the service the prep comes to formally request the hand of the lady from her family. For the festivals after the service,the conventional clothing of significant other’s family, which required a “gele sego.” In my way of life, when a lady weds, she goes into another family and receives their traditions and customs as her own. Wearing their clothing is a method for demonstrating craving to embrace their way of life and be a piece of their family.

Kinds of Gele

Easygoing Gele -Gele comes in a wide range of structures. The extremely easy going ones are generally the ones made out of an indistinguishable texture from the outfit being worn. It can likewise be a standard polyester scarf or shawl that can here and there be worn as a head-tie.

Couture Gele -These are Gele made for the design cognizant, the fashionistas of the Nigerian and other African culture. There’s even the Net Gele Head tie -net-like, see through texture .

The gele is winding up increasingly critical. As more Nigerian ladies take pride in their way of life and conventions, the clothing turns into a tremendous piece of their way of life. Nigerian ladies take extraordinary pride in their appearance, and the gele is their delegated brilliance. The gele can be shocking or shy, contingent upon who is tying it and for what event it is being worn. Mom’s moderate styles, by means of the cleverly extraordinary outfit of “Madam”, to our ever-popular crowns today, there is most likely that the gele is a strong articulation of gentility. In the 80s, Western ladies had the power suit, Nigerian ladies had the gele. This is a custom I trust never blurs.

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