What is Something Most People Don’t Know About Nairobi Kenya?

About Nairobi Kenya is a multilingual nation. In spite of the fact that the official dialects are Swahili and English, there are really a sum of 62 dialects talked in the nation (as indicated by Ethnologue). These for the most part comprise of inborn African dialects and additionally a minority of Middle-Eastern and Asian dialects talked by relatives of outside pilgrims (i.e. Arabic, Hindi, and so on). The African dialects originate from three distinctive dialect families – Bantu dialects (talked in the middle and southeast), Nilotic dialects (in the west), and Cushitic dialects (in the upper east). Now you must be wondering how to buy Cheap flight Tickets to Nairobi Kenya.

Kenyan Society and Culture

The Kenyan People

 Kenya isn’t a homogeneous nation ethnicity savvy. The make-up of Kenyans is fundamentally that of 13 ethnic gatherings with an extra 27 littler gatherings. The greater part of Kenyans have a place with ‘Bantu’ clans, for example, the Kikuyu, Luhya and Kamba. There are likewise the ‘Nilotic’ clans, for example, the Luo, Kalenjin, Maasai and Turkana. The ‘Hamitic’ individuals incorporate the Turkana, Rendille and Samburu. Around 13% of the populace are of non-African plummet, i.e. Indian, Arab and European.


The Kenyan Constitution ensures opportunity of religion. Around a large portion of the populace are Christians, 10% Muslim and there are small Hindu and Sikh minorities. The adjust of the populace takes after conventional African, frequently animist, convictions. Christians have a tendency to be amassed in the west and focal segments of the nation while Muslims bunch in the eastern beach front locales. Most Kenyans join local convictions into a customary religion.

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Gathering Orientation

 Kenyans are bunch orientated as opposed to individualistic. “Harambee,” (originating from the Bantu word signifying “to pull together”) characterizes the general population’s way to deal with others throughout everyday life. The idea is basically about shared help, common exertion, shared obligation and group confidence. This standard has verifiably been rehearsed by each ethnic gathering with its foundations in agreeable cultivating or crowding. Harambee went up against a more political reverberation when utilized at the season of autonomy by Jomo Kenyatta as an approach to unite individuals.

The Role of the Family

 As you may expect in a gathering orientated culture, the more distant family is the premise of the social structure. It incorporates relatives on the two sides of the family and also dear companions. Regularly the spouse’s folks will live with the atomic family when they get more established and can never again administer to themselves. At the point when individuals wed, they join their families, in this manner guaranteeing that there will dependably be a gathering to swing to in the midst of need.


 Like most Africans, Kenyans put a substantial accentuation on the regard and worship of their expired precursors. This isn’t predecessor revere essentially, yet rather a conviction that when somebody kicks the bucket their soul lives on and must be recognized. The conviction is that the individual just truly kicks the bucket totally when their relatives never again recall them.

One’s predecessors are believed to have the capacity to impact occasions in life since they are in a limbo state and nearer to God than the living. Accordingly, they may make contributions to them or name an infant after one so his soul can live in the tyke. Exhibiting regard towards precursors is accepted to keep up agreeable connections inside the family, more distant family, and faction or clan.

Etiquette and Customs in Kenya

 Meeting and Greeting

 The most widely recognized welcome is the handshake.

When welcoming somebody with whom you have an individual relationship, the handshake is more drawn out than the one given to an easygoing associate.

Close female companions may embrace and kiss once on each cheek as opposed to shaking hands.

When welcoming a senior or somebody of higher status, get a handle on the correct wrist with the left hand while shaking hands to exhibit regard.

Muslim men/ladies don’t generally shake hands with ladies/men.

The most well-known welcome is “Jambo?” (“How are you?”), which is for the most part said instantly preceding the handshake.

After the handshake it is the standard to make inquiries about the wellbeing, their family, business and whatever else you think about the individual.

To skip or surge this component in the welcome procedure is the stature of poor manners.People are for the most part tended to by their scholarly, expert or honorific title took after by their surname.

Once an individual relationship has created, you might have the capacity to address a man by their title and first name, first name alone, or moniker. Sit tight for the Kenyan to establish that your companionship has achieved this level of closeness.

Ladies beyond 21 years old are frequently tended to as “Mom” and men beyond 35 years old are regularly tended to as “Mzee”. Kids by and large allude to grown-ups as Aunt or Uncle, regardless of whether there isn’t a familial relationship.

Blessing Giving

 All in all, Kenyans give presents for occasions of centrality in a man’s life or days of religious importance.

Endowments require not be costly. Truth be told, viable blessings are favored. Kenya is a poor nation and an endowment of something that the individual can’t by and large manage the cost of is constantly welcome.

It is standard to give little presents to hirelings, exchanges individuals, and administration specialists at Christmas.

On the off chance that welcomed to supper at a Kenyan’s home, bring baked goods, blooms, or desserts for the entertainer. In provincial regions, blessings of sugar or tea are very normal.

Endowments ought to be pleasantly wrapped, despite the fact that there are no restrictions concerning the shade of paper.

Try not to bring liquor unless you realize that your host drinks.

Blessings ought to be given utilizing the correct hand just or the two hands. Never utilize the left hand.

Feasting Etiquette

 Kenyans social graces are generally formal.

Eating designs differ hugely as indicated by ethnicity, area and financial position of the host.

The best strategy is to carry on formally. At the point when is question, watch what others are doing and take after their lead.

With the exception of formal capacities, there is for the most part not a seating design. Nonetheless, there might be an extraordinary place for the most regarded visitor.

Visitors are relied upon to wash their hands when the feast. In a few homes, a washing bowl will be conveyed to the table. Provided that this is true, hold your hands over the bowl while water is poured over them.

The respected visitor is typically served to start with, trailed by the men, youngsters, and ladies.

Workers regularly convey the courses to singular visitors who are required to take what they need.

Try not to start eating until the point when the oldest male has been served and begun eating.

It is a smart thought to take a little sum the first run through the platters are brought with the goal that you may take second helpings when asked.

Refreshments are not for the most part presented with dinners since Kenyans think it is discourteous to eat and drink in the meantime. They are for the most part served toward the fulfillment of the supper.

It is viewed as courteous to get done with everything on your plate, despite the fact that it isn’t compulsory. In case you decide to travel this full of adventure country then you can buy cheap flights to Nairobi.

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