Is Travel Insurance Compulsory for Traveling Abroad?

When once plan a trip or vocation they have to keep all the good and bad and ugly in their minds specially the minute things that one wonders will never happen to them and we listen to them for someone across the world which only exists in news or movies but mind you and jokes apart anything can happen when you are traveling so covering once self and protecting your vocation should be your number one priority !

Traveling to another country without protecting yourself is certainly not a good idea as anything can happen to you or your family even when you are in the most advanced cities of the world and being without insurance will leave you with a bill sometimes beyond your reach while with a little addition to your ticket cost one can afford insurance and enjoy the vocation with peace of mind.

I close friend of mine dad encountered a terrible situation due to which he had to be flown back but since he did not have proper insurance they had to bear the cost of changes and the pain of dealing with a lot of anxiety so all the fun of a smooth travel went down now he is the biggest advocate to buy Travel Insurance all the time .

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But do check in detail what kind of coverage you are getting in order to be fully protected as each quote is different and when not getting the proper insurance passengers complain about denied insurance claims so do your homework wisely.

 So once you protect your insurance even if your flight is delayed not by act of God but other circumstances you don’t have to suffer and the alternative plans and changes will be according to you choice and comfort and who knows you will come back with more fun that you had planned for!!!

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