The Ultimate Guide to Travel to Nigeria

So, how do you fly to Nigeria cheap? Flying doesn’t have to be really expensive, and Nigeria is a perfect spot in Africa to have a memorable experience and travel cheaply. There are plenty of websites that will track air flights from your local destination to Nigeria – but there’s no doubt there will be expensive tickets and travel. You need to find all the ways to travel cheap – but also effectively. Read this article to gain more information about finding cheap flights. Traveling inexpensive doesn’t have to be hard – and it’s not impossible either. Read this guideline to gain more information about flying to Nigeria – these tips are perfect to help you get the cheapest flight tickets to Nigeria.

Do Your Research

The next important thing to finding cheap flights to Nigeria? Do your research – and take a good amount of time to research. For instance, a few good sites to find cheap flights are,, and Don’t go directly to popular sites that are selling the expensive tickets – check out these sites we mentioned. In fact, from an article on Business Insider, one guy – Scott Keye, has managed to fly practically free and he recommended these cheap air-flight sites.

The most popular destination to travel to Nigeria is Lagos – and it’s among the cheapest destinations. Although prices are about $800 from New York, there are a bit cheaper than traveling to Warri, Nigeria – where the prices are $1,000.

Find a Convenient Area that will give you Cheap Flights

To find the cheapest tickets to Nigeria, now it’s time to examine convenience and cheap flights nearby. Not all airports or cities will have the same pricing to a particular area. For instance, to fly from the Ft.Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport in Florida to Lagos, Nigeria is about $1,000 while traveling from New York or Washington D.C. to Nigeria is about $800 (of course, on the sites mentioned, there are cheaper flights).

You don’t need to necessarily have someone drive you from Florida to New York – that would be pretty inconvenient and not a good way to spend a cheap flight, but if there are other airports that are maybe an hour or two away – take advantage of those. For example, there’s a Miami International Airport – which is an hour or so from Ft. Lauderdale – depending on where you live, of course. The point is – you can save money by having someone to take you to another airport rather than your local one. If it’s worth the cheap flight you can find on sites, then take that extra step. There may be a much cheaper flight option from the Miami International Airport but not the Ft. Lauderdale. Explore your options and remember – do your research, so you can find the cheapest tickets to Nigeria!

Compare and Contrast Airlines

Not all airlines are the same – and that’s pretty obvious, considering no food and water to luxury. But, sometimes there are cheap airlines or even flights you can find on cheap airlines that are not that bad. Take a look at what we found on TripAdvisor:

Turkish Airlines:

The Turkish Airlines is not a bad option – but, again, you’ll need to do your research. In fact, some reviews on TripAdvisor and other sites commend the airline while others share a bad experience. One person who flew on Turkish Airline said, “This is more of a budget airline.” A few others stated there was poor customer service, lost baggage or several delays.

What are the Best Airlines?

Many people want to find a good airline that is both inexpensive and efficient. Cheap doesn’t have to mean terrible customer service or losing baggage.

For example, Delta seems to get a good amount of positive reviews from previous customers. A good deal now, found on, is $625 total from New York to Atlanta then Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria on Delta Airlines.

You can also find a cheaper flight, $447, on Virgin Atlantic Airways for a one-round trip from New York to Lagos. Virgin Atlantic Airways has gotten its fair share of good reviews. Review sites like TripAdvisor and AirlineQuality can definitely help you determine your next airline. Take the time to get recommendations and suggestions, whether from a family who travels internationally, or reviews from online.

Once you Get There

What happens after you’ve made it to Nigeria? The guide to traveling cheap doesn’t stop! You’ll want to be able to eat, sleep, and enjoy Nigeria inexpensively. That means hotels, restaurants, taxis and other ways you’ll be using your stay at Nigeria.

For example, you don’t have to pay for a hotel. There are hostels out there – in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria. Hostels are low-budget places that allow you to have your own kitchen as well as a lodge with others. And instead of paying for expensive food – you can cook right in the hostel. Of course, if you’re traveling alone – there are other people you’ll have to stay with. But, it may all be entirely worth it.

Once you’re in Nigeria – the stress of the flight should be over. You may still be looking for ways to save money eating or sleeping, but remember hostels can erase this option! Of course, hotels have their benefit, too. The crucial thing first, of course, is to find the cheapest tickets to Nigeria. Once you’ve managed to be spin off an inexpensive trip – you’ve done your job and now it’s time to relax.

Make sure you do plenty of research with comparing and contrasting airlines, checking out reviews, and which places offer you the cheapest and most convenient flights. There’s no doubt that finding all this information will be excruciating and time-consuming, but trust us – it’s all worth it. And if you’re planning on traveling to other places in Africa anytime soon – check more articles to find out cheap flights to South Africa and other destinations.

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