Top Amazing Facts About Asmara

Asmara is one of the beautiful cities that is full of natural beauty. It is the capital of Eritea, with a huge population. There are a number of beautiful and attractive places in the city that don’t only make your life easier but also help you to spend your holidays with fun and excitement. The best thing about Asmara is that it is connected with the peaceful neighborhoods. Along with its attractive surroundings, it contain all the important aspects of life that is the pizza parlors, the pastry shops, the cafés and all that.

After visiting the best Asmara places, you will feel just like you are living in the best Italian town. Many tourists enjoy the discounted fares to Asmara and enjoy their holidays there. The architecture of the place has been made fabulous by melee. The sunny climate of Asmara is another important reason for which the people visit the place. About 8 moths in the whole year, the city baths in Sunshine. There are a number of facts about Asmara that we wanted to share with you. Some of these important facts are as under:

  1. There is not any special official language in Asmara or the whole country. Tigrinya is the widely spoken language that is used in the offices culture and the working environment.
  2. The word Asmara is also known as the New Rome or the Italy’s African City. The reason behind the name is that, the city shows the Italian touch in all its culture and heritage.
  3. It is a great fact that many old human fossils were found in the city. Although, it is one of the oldest places of the world, but still experts and the geologists claim that the place is the support of the entire globe.
  4. The most common and the strangest fact of the place is that adults and children will sit separately to have their lunches and dinners. This is not only because of their culture, but the rules and the laws changed the family behaviors to be legal.
  5. Asmara and the entire country Eritea has only one political party that rules over the entire nation. There is no one in the competitors and the nation has to follow their rules and regulations to live in that country.
  6. The strong political stability of the country showed that the elections are held and canceled on the scheduled date. There is not any change in the election schedule as well as in the ruling party or the government.
  7. Asmara is the beautiful but one of the hottest place of the country. The climate of the place remains hot and warm for eight months of the year. So the season is the hot and dry in all the places of the city.
  8. The total area of Asmara is about 4,694 Sq. miles.
  9. According to the latest survey in 2015, the total population of Asmara is about 804,000.
  10. The Asmara City is located near Maekel region that is close of the center of Eritea.
  11. People living in Asmara belong to different religion. Some of them are Christians, some are indigenous beliefs and some are Muslims. The ratio of the indigenous beliefs, the Muslims and the Christian is 2%, 48% and 50% respectively.
  12. The Christians and the Muslims majority are divided into different geographical regions that is Muslims live in lowlands while the Christians live in highlands.
  13. The currency of the Asmara and Eritea is Nafka. Although the economy of the place is not so much strong.
  14. July and the August are the two months in which there is maximum rainfall in Asmara.
  15. The main sources of attraction in Asmara are the Cathedral of Asmara, the Marian Orthodox Church, the Opera house and the Asmara Theater.
  16. The other attractive places of Asmara are the Synagogue of Asmara, Al Rashiudin Mosque, Denkalya Desert, National Museum and Al Khulafa
  17. In Indonesia, the word Asmara means love.
  18. The history of Asmara shows that it has been created by unity of four different villages. The people belonging to these villages took the best decision to unite the place. These four villages were Gheza Gurtom, Gheza Shelele, Gheza Asmae and Gheza Serenser.
  19. The Asmara is the best place that is the source of attraction to the tourists especially the people belonging to the America or the cold regions. They avail the discounted fares to Asmara and visit to the place. It is one of the best place to enjoy the summer season and visit the attractive places.
  20. Along with the climate of the place, the other sources of attraction in Asmara are the cafés and the pizza places to entertain the tourists.

All these are the facts about the Asmara city that people should know. If you want to enjoy your holidays with your friends or family members, you must avail the discounted fares to Asmara and visit the place. You will surely enjoy it. Here in Asmara, you will find different food tastes along with different cultures.

Asmara is the capital of the country so it provides all the facilities of the life. There are a number of hotels and other restaurants to entertain the tourists. Just book your flight ticket and go to the place to enjoy your holidays with your friends.

Just like Asmara, there are a number of places for the people to visit. The interest of the people are the reason because of which the people select the place. There are a number of discounted deals available for the people to take the ticket and enjoy the holidays. If you get any such deal, you can book it for you and go there. You will definitely get soothing environment and the mind relaxing climate there.

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