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Kinshasa, the capital of Congo, is a vibrant city full of loving people, a rich culture, and lots of adventure. The city is renowned all over Africa as the African Capital of music due to the popular music “Ndombolo” in this area.

In fact top musicians of the country such as Olomide, Koffi and Papa Wemba can fill clubs from South Africa to Europe as fast as Justin Bieber. Music is Kinshasa’s biggest export. Ndombolo and all other popular forms of Congolese music such as Rumba and Soukous are all complemented by particular dances to spice up the crowds and parties.

The Kinois, the locals of Kinshasa, are known for their love of music, dancing and their wonderful sense of humor. With music as good as Ndombolo, can you blame them?

If you’re intrigued by this music form and you want to experience the Ndombolo sensation live, catch a flight to Kinshasa and join the kinois for a Ndombolo concert to really understand the music that gives the city its title of “Capitale de la Musique”, i.e Capital of music.

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Now Music isn’t the only thing that makes Kinshasa special. Did you know that Kinshasa is the second largest French Speaking Capital in the world (following Paris)? Owning to this, the city hosted the largest gathering of the world’s French Speaking Countries heads of state, La Francophonie, in October 2012. They don’t just know how to speak French, they do quite well in French Cuisine as well. The croissants and baguettes available throughout the city are some of the best that you’ll find in the world.

While we’re talking about food, here’s an interesting thing about Kinois, they love to have huge blobs of mayo with everything. You’ll see them having it with fried plantations, fish, meat, peas, salads, green vegetables, and pretty much almost everything else!

There are many restaurants offering international cuisines as well, so if you have a craving for your own cuisine while you’re In Kinshasa you can easily find a restaurant to serve you that. Kinshasa is known to have the widest selection of food in the country and many exquisite quality restaurants. If you’re a foodie, you’re surely going to love a trip to this vibrant musical capital.

While the combination of good music and great food is already hard to resist as it is, Kinshasa has a lot more to offer. One of the things that sets Kinshasa apart from other locations is the phenomenal wildlife that the city offers. In fact, Congo has been declared as the most important center of biodiversity in the world by WWF.

It is home to more than fifteen hundred animal and plant species, and more than thirty two hundred of these are native to the region such as bonobo, okapi, Congolese Peacock etc. To protect the wild life and promote tourism many conservations for the wild life have been built, tourists visiting the area can see the wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s a rare sight, and a memorable one.

If you want to see and interact with the bonobo, head over to “lola ya Bonobo” to see these magnificent creatures in action. Bonobos are even more human like than apes or chimpanzees, tourists love seeing them run, play, pound rocks with sticks, and fill water bottles and so much more. They’re also very friendly, they’ll gladly interact with humans.

There’s also Serpents due Congo for people who’re interested to learn about snakes. It’s a great learning experience, you don’t want to miss it especially if you’re an animal lover.

If you’re not into animals, but you’re intrigued by the history of the area head over to the national museum, Musee National de Kinshasa, and explore the artifacts from the area. While the museums needs to be developed more, there are still many interesting things for you to see there.

Art lovers will especially love Kinshasa due to the rich art preserved in the city museums and parks. If you’re into sculptures, visit Academie des Beaux-Arts to see the wonderful sculpture displays. You can also see the sculptors / ceramists in action at the workshop, and best of all if you’re interested, you can learn to do it all yourself at the academia. While you’re at it visit the art galleries Texaf Bilembo and Symphonie des Arts, you’re really going to enjoy it.

If you have kids with you and you’re looking for a family day out, visit the Congoloisirs, it’s a great park for a family day out. They have plenty of stuff for the kids such as slides, swings, trampolines, bouncy castles, and pedal carts. Moreover, you can also dine in as the restaurants in the park provide good food and a decent outdoor seating area.

If you’re a couple fancying a good walk around the river than visit MA Valle for enjoying a relaxing walk around the river, there’s restaurants nearby too where you can go for dinner later. It’s a great place to spend a romantic afternoon.

Whether you’re single, with friends or family, or you’re with your special someone, you will love a trip to Kinshasa. The rich culture, the phenomenal wild life, and the stark contrast between different areas in the city will help you grow as a person as you explore different areas of the city. Kinshasa is sure to give you wonderful memories for a lifetime.

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