Five Reasons Why Safari Adventure Travel In Africa Is Good For You

With the name Africa brings in the consciousness the dense forests, its wilderness, tribal people with sharp pointed arrows dancing, deep oceans, Safaris  and within the same thrill and adventure.  In these forest lands, adventure means experiencing all that what is mysterious, strange and unknown, away from all the modern living of your daily overtures. If you love these Africa is a right place to seek these solstice adventures, interacting with the local people and exposing yourself towards the life that is traditionally African.


These are few reasons why taking adventure tour is best for you:


  • Experiencing Unexpected: During travelling you might have to face many unexpected things happening which are not in your hands like weather conditions. It might be raining in one place and quite dry or hot in the other.   You have to be prepared with everything, for instance, you are going on a Safari tour in Kruger National Park and it started raining, be ready with your raincoat. You also might come face to face with many amazing animals that you will not find anywhere in the world. There are so many unimaginable things to see in Africa ranging from lost tribal population to the nomads. More you explore more you will come to face with what you have never expected before.


  • You can Try Many New Things: Trying new traditional delicacies is also not less than any adventure.  Try to eat a local delicacy, walk barefoot, wear their traditional clothes and try to spend time with them. You can seamlessly immerse yourself in their new culture and forget about how you have been spending your life at home. You talk to them and know about their vast traditions and rituals.


  • Adventure Tours:  Many tour and travel companies organizes adventure tours for you so you can just join any one of them and see many adventures waiting for you like Shark diving,  Kilimanjaro climbing,  bike mountaineering, secluded forest trails or merely trekking through the pounding waves and the list is endless.  The adventure and thrill you will get in Africa you will not get anywhere in the world.  You can also arrange for whale walking tours and beach walking with great landscapes.


  •  Opportunity To See Penguins:   You will not get opportunity to see Penguins except in South Africa. There are around 3,000 penguins that survive around the Boulder beach in Cape Town, South Africa.   You can also visit SANCCOB, a seabird rehabilitation center where majority of its residents are penguins. There are private tour operators to make your journey convenient. Is to not an adventure to get a chance to pet a penguin?


  • Language:  If you feel language will be a problem for you, then you are wrong, as Africans speak English and you will be surprised to know that they are bi-lingual and even tri-lingual and can speak and understand many more languages. It is a unique experience in itself.


So if you love adventure and experience something new and fresh, Africa is a place you  are sure to be attracted towards.   It is a continent of mountains, seas, forests, deserts and many more lands so start planning and enjoy.

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