Why You Shouldn’t Always Buy cheapest Travel Tickets

Travelling is a fun, and it becomes all the more leisure if you get all the facilities and that too within the budget. However, most of the time it is not possible- After all, it is a business Mantra, less you pay, lesser you get and it’s true in tourism industry too.

If you are looking forward, having traveling tickets at cheaper rates you may get it but with the fewer facilities. However, it also depends on which class you are travelling. At the airport, the business class which is considerably more expensive than the other has different check-in area or at least row and have access to a business class lounge.

Some of the major lounges have showers and also nap rooms, particularly you can only make use of a business class lounge towards the departure airport or if you are waiting.

Once you have boarded the plane, the seat pitch you get is much better, particularly the   reclining seats, especially the holy-grail towards the flat bed seat. These seats are very comfortable, but in the cheaper flights you might not get these kinds of seats.

The food and drink which you are served are of inferior quality in cheaper flights, but if you pay more you can expect to have actual menus with many different choices and courses and in many flights porcelain plates.

Even the first class freight is the best bet, for example there are some airlines like Thai who focus on limousine transfer, from to and from the airport, where you are expected to carry your bags by a porter.

In the first class too you get the great meal services and highest quality of lobster tail, caviar and champagne. Service is also very personalized, with the cabin crew serving two or just three passengers at a time. You can get many entertainment options too which you might not get at cheaper rates. But you are sure to get audio/video on demand and including DVD players on request.

Moreover, when you are departing, you will be the first one to come out of the plane and through the immigration and customs lines. On a long run and legacy carrier flights, the cabin crew keeps the curtains down till all the first class or business class passengers are not landed.

As the rates of the flights are increasing it is obvious that not many are looking forwarded for travelling on cheaper flights but many are not happy to provide quality services at these rates. So it is always advised to decide your priorities and compare the rates and services of all the destined flights and then buy your tickets. After all, you have to make your travelling interesting isn’t it!

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