Tips To Make Your Overseas Travel Interesting and Easy

Travelling in an unknown place can both be challenging and a very exciting experience. It brings with it own set of adventure.  Whether you are for in a business trip or for mere excitement you need to know about the place and minute things for comfortable stay and enjoyment.

Here are few steps to make an easy overseas journey:

  • Six Months Passport Validity 

You should check your passport expiry date very carefully as it could mislead you. Different nations have different criteria like in United States passport is valid till the date mentioned inside its cover. But some of the countries will deny Visa if for some unexpected reasons your passport expiry is less than six months.  If unfortunately you are stuck in the country for a longer period, you will be deemed illegal entrant. Make sure your passport is renewed before you apply for Visa, and your visit to avoid any inconvenience later on.

  • Have a Cash Ready with you 

Keeping cash in pockets every time is difficult as it is usually ATM you rely on, but in many nations like U.S. Banks levy fees on the usage of ATM which are not in the network. It is best to take out cash from the airport ATM so that you have to pay the one-time fee.

  • Business Cards of Hotel

Before venturing out in an unknown place, you should have a business card with you.  If by chance you lost your way, you have the name and address of the hotel with you.  Cards also have local language written so communicating with the locals you do not understand English will not be a problem for you.

  • Keeping Credit Card

You can find best exchange rate as you have a credit card with you. However, there are many cards which levy foreign transaction fee which is sometimes very high, around three percent.

  • Alert on Card

Before leaving your native land, inform your credit card company about the country of your visit and the days you will be staying there. This would keep them always alert and will not consider your card as stolen.  You also should be aware of the planes you might be changing during your layover chiefly if there is any delay.

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  • Medicines

Do carry your essential medicines with you, including eye mask and earplugs during travelling or when you are in a less populated place. Maybe you may not find a drugstore nearby when you require the most.

  • Keep yourself Well Informed

You should always keep yourself well informed about the weather conditions, security issues and any other warnings or alerts from the department concerned. It is best to have a print out of the address and contact number of the local embassy.

  • Have a Google Map

Keep a Google Map with you to avoid any inconvenience of finding a place. If you do not have a data plan, you can use a Wi-Fi in your hotel, and sketch few routes you plan to visit and take a screenshot of the same. This way you have an image of the routes for you to follow where ever you are going.

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