Aspiring To Visit Accra Ghana, Here is What You Would Like To See

If you are touring Africa, Accra Ghana is a not to be missed placed.  It is destined to be one of the best traveling destinations next to Johannesburg, Nairobi in Kenya and of course Accra capital city of Ghana.  It is fastest developing the city of Africa. The place belongs to around 25 million people having lighter and sensitive skin than you.  They are gala people, love doing what they do.  Ghana has almost everything for everybody that includes markets, beaches, UNESCO heritage sites, nightlife, and wildlife.

  •  Wildlife and Natural Parks

Ghana has around 15 national parks with the best one to see is Kakum National Park.  The area is covered with tropical rain forests, rare animals, hanging bridges also known as Canopy Walkway.  The walkway is a spectacular journey of the awesome natural beauty.   Another place to visit is Mole National Park, which is a destination of 93 mammal species.

  • Heritage

The city became an economic center with the appearance of the slave trade. Many slave castles were established by the Europeans in 15th Century. One such place is Elmina Castle which was built by Portuguese in 1482. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site including worship place for pilgrims.

  • Cultural Attractions

There are many local cultural attractions like Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Dubois Center or head of the Arts Center.  This center has many stalls that sell crafts from across the country.  There are many options for club hoppers and lounge goers with the one of the best one is Republic Bar and Grill.

  • National Museum of Ghana

The National museum displays history of African slave trade, their culture, and ethnographic diversity. You can see how people used to weave Kente clothes, and also on display many musical instruments and modern paintings.

  • Beaches    

Beach bums and Labadi beaches are the best places to enjoy the sunbath. In weekends or holidays, you can enjoy cultural dancing, drumming, and music.

  • Jamestown

The place has a vast historical past but is habituated by poor people. It has many buildings left by Portuguese and the British, and to know about these buildings is of high value.

  • Fantasy Coffin Workshop

You should visit some of the Fantasy Coffin Workshops at Accra-Tema beach in Labadi area. Carpenters design coffins for the variety of people ranging from farmers to fisherman and beer bottles. Looking at the carpenters giving shape to the Coffins is a new experience.

  • University of Ghana

Not for forget is a University of Ghana. It was built in 1948 and since then attracted many aspiring leaders. It has in its vicinity one archeological museum.  You can watch students playing drums and other musical instruments.

  • Trip of Kumasi

A place of attraction in Kumasi is a shopping paradise Kejetia market which has more than 10,000 stores and stalls. It is one of the biggest in West Africa. Visitors can buy many items like wooden sculptures, paintings, masks fabric spices and jewelry and much more.

  • Hotels and Accommodations

Ghana provides complete accommodation with small to five-star hotels. Many international cabins include Novotel, Movenpic, Best Western, Sheraton, Hilton hotels and many more.

These are just a few mentioned, but there are many more places to visit in this happening place Ghana.

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