Travel Tips To Nigeria for the First Time Visitor

Nigeria with its diversity and nature is a lucrative place for the tourists who would not miss the opportunity to see the vast landscapes. However, before you reach Nigeria, you should take certain precautionary measures.

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Security is a main concern about which Foreign embassies and all the foreign nations and USA issues travel warnings.  Violence and crime rates are high in some of the major cities like Abuja and Lagos and target attacks are foreign visitors.  Travelers are advised to keep themselves alert and vigilant.

However, here are some of the tips you could follow to enjoy Nigeria and remain safe too.

1. Check any sign of warnings from Foreign Affairs Ministry

Many states in Nigeria are not opened for visitors because of security reasons. It is highly advised to check with the foreign ministry which cities are to be avoided and which ones to go.  But if you still want to go there, you will not be covered by travel insurance.

2. Avoid Travelling in Luxury Buses

Do not travel in Luxury Buses. Just avoid the same as these buses are frequent targets of armed robberies particularly in the night. It is best to opt for private buses or taxis.

3. Be very careful in Airports

You should be very careful in airports as you might encounter pranksters or cheaters. Even during custom checking, don’t get lured by the   customs control people as they can bribe you and stop you from taking two souvenirs. Don’t get carried away by these people.  When they will know you are not paying attention to them, they would allow you to go. Some of them may be acting like taxi drivers and would offer to take you on the drive.  In this way, many people have been carried away and robbed, of their money, visa and belonging.

Local people in souvenir shops create fake ebony dying carved wooden objects by making use of the shoe polish.  Be very careful and before buying the same, get the same checked for it quality and genuineness.

4.Do Not Take photographs of Nigerians Before Permission

Many people on the streets of Nigeria gets offended if you take their photographs, they will get irritated and angry.  Even though you are taking a street photograph or view they would hesitate.

5. All requests For Money are Scams

All Nigerians having vast experience can reveal you that online requests for help are just frauds or scams. You tell the person that you are going to forward your request to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission so that they can pass on the money. But best is just to ignore their emails or any request for funds or money.

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So With little precautions, you can make most of your vacations in Nigeria, as it would be an unforgettable experience.

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