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Natural Beauty comes as a gift to Africa , where ever you visit this big continent it wont disappoint you to a bit. The first continent to attract attention even with the technological invasion like any where in the world , visiting Africa will still give you that ancient feel some parts are still untouched and their existence is solely on their customs and traditions. In my view the only continent which mixes the past and present beautifully is Africa .

We understand the considerable planning it takes to anywhere in the world that you would like to travel and traveling to Africa is no exception and nobody knows it better than EST Int’l Travel where we have the cheapest tickets to Africa. From east to west and north to the south we have all major countries covered.

Like the majestic country that it is so are our clients.From Enchanted forests to roaring safari trips, rolling stone, breathtaking falls and who could forget the most important reason to travel is families and no one will bring you closer to your family in Africa like us. What ever is your reason to travel all you have to do is connect with us.

Why Africa?

West and East African country people especially Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Senegal cannot live away from their families and friends and travel frequently due to which we always have Special Fares to Nigeria and Special Fares to Nairobi along with all the mentioned countries.

We at EST Int’l Travel has all Africa covered spaying special attention to Best Safari adventure Package for all the safari lovers and we have the lowest fares to South Africa. We have one of the widest range of flights from all corners of the continent including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Benin, Mali, Morocco, Togo, Cameroon, Malawi and Eritrea, South Africa, Nairobi Uganda, Ethiopia just to name some but We cannot deny our special love for west Africa especially Nigeria and our Nigerian will vouch for it !!!! we also provide Visas for Nigeria in order to help and make the travel experience better and more smooth.

Well before you plan your next vocation to Africa do contact us or any city in Africa and you will be taken care of our experienced staff who have been serving the African community for more than two decades.

How Can I Help You

How Can I Help You